Bud DurdenBudsgrowguide.com is a definitive resource for all thing’s cannabis related. Bud Durden the creator of this collection of cannabis information has been growing both within in and outside the law for a decade and has amassed a huge breadth of knowledge related to growing, enjoying, medicating and pretty much any other cannabis-related topic you can think of.

In the words of famous philosopher Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” My first step into cannabis growing may have been almost a decade ago but I’m still walking the path to knowledge. At times I wonder how this literal weed can challenge me, frustrate me, and yet provide me with the will to keep learning and growing. OK so maybe smoking premium clean cannabis is a reward itself or even paying less than $3 per gram but there is also something cathartic about successfully tending to and growing your plants.

As the writer, curator, grower, and researcher for budsgrowguide.com; I created this site to be a definitive resource for all thing’s cannabis because my interest in cannabis runs the gamete from growing to cooking.

My expertise is defiantly growing and specifically growing with new technology such as LED Grow lights. An early adopter of this technology, I’ve seen the rise of LED grow lights from a great idea to years of frustration with poor quality LED technologies.

Drawing on my background in journalism and my work experience in online marketing, I challenge myself to produce quality informational content while balancing the need for proper SEO formatting (my other passion) so that the content can be found in Google while satisfying my reader’s needs.

You can find me on just about any cannabis related board answering questions and playing a part in the cannabis community. Some of the cannabis sites that I contribute to on a regular basis are theweedblog.com, ilovetogrowmarijuana.com, and budsgrowguide.com.

If you have any questions for Bud Durden please contact him at budsgrowguide@gmail.com or even better leave a comment on one of our articles and join in the community.

Be Well~
Bud Durden Licenced to grow