Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light

Last updated: July 14, 2018 at 20:29 pm

We’ve completed a lot of reviews now of the Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light and had some great experiences with my cannabis growing tests and projects. I’ve really been having a great time experimenting and trying out new options.

As you’ve been reading my reviews of LED grow lights you must be getting the feeling that I’ve swallowed the LED Cool-Aid, and I truly have. I have talked extensively about the savings in electricity and the fact that new LED systems finally can provide the light intensity needed for great cannabis grows. You’ve also most certainly noticed my talk about increase yields when using high end LED grow light systems. Today I’m going to talk about the entry level P300 grow light panel setup.

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Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light Specs

The newest Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light panel is the P300, it’s a 400 Watt grow light which is fantastic for small to mid-size grows and has the perfect intensity footprint for a 4×3 grow space. Even better this baby grows marijuana with the power of a 600w led grow light.

The P300 like all the other models of PlatinumLED is a major money saver. It consumes only 185 watts of power in “bloom” mode and produces light energy that is 100% usable by your plant for photosynthesis. A premium feature of the Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light is the inclusion of Multiband light. The system includes the UV and IR light bands which will help grow incredibly healthy plants.

The Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light is constructed with 3-Watt LEDs and includes a 90-degree secondary focusing lens which increases the depth and range of the grow light which helps it beat much of the competition. The light focus from the secondary lens will help the grow lights power get deep into your plants and your canopy without any trouble at all. Even better you can switch from “vegetative growth” to “blooming growth” with the simple flip of a switch. The change in light modes will increase usable power as well as change the light wavelengths to better suit each growth mode.

My Opinion

If you have already checked out my other Advanced Platinum reviews you already know how I feel about this grow light system. These are high-quality products that will save you money over the long run and provide extremely powerful lighting for your cannabis grows. When you consider this the price tag is affordable especially because the unit will run trouble free for 50,000 hours. The unit itself is built from high-quality materials and will certainly outlast the 5-year warranty that comes standard with all PlatinumLED grow lights. The Spectrum lighting provides white led, blue LEDs and red LEDs for the perfect lighting mixture for vegetation and flowering.

When I was testing this grow light out I generally set it at 30 inches from my plants grow. If I needed more light I just lowered the unit a few inches at a time until my plants were satisfied with the amount of light they were receiving. While I do get 4×3 coverage with this lamp it defiantly could handle a bit larger of a grow area.

This is a very high-quality piece of equipment like all the other models of the PlatinumLED line. The Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light for growing cannabis includes the same control options as larger higher priced models such as one-click switching from “vegetative growth” to “bloom” mode. Like the other models, the Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light is no different when it comes to the lack of heat generated by the unit. You are going to be very excited when you plug this lamp in and find that you no longer have heat issues in your grow area.

The LED drivers are replaceable if they ever actually fail and are covered by the 5-year warranty. You can’t go wrong and will save money over the long haul with this unit.

The Final Word:

This is an investment and the Advanced Platinum Series P300 Grow Light includes a fantastic warranty. They stand by their products with a 90-day money back guarantee and a whopping 5-year full warranty on the system itself. That’s 5 years of growing worry free! This is a perfect unit for plants growth for indoor growing.



  • Superior 12 band grow lights spectrum for all growth stages
  • 5-year warranty guaranteed and 90-day money back guarantee
  • Recently updated aluminum heat sinks
  • Includes built-in fans
  • Two to three times the lumen output of other LED lights
  • USA-made LEDs
  • Advanced LED
  • 300w LED Grow light
  • Strong build quality
  • low power draw


  • Not a true full spectrum
  • May require additional reflective surfaces on walls or around lights for full foliage coverage

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