Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light

Last updated: July 14, 2018 at 8:56 am

We’ve reviewed several LED grow lights from PlatinumLED and have found that they are the top manufacturers of LED grow lights. The Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light which is one of their smaller setups is our favorite and here is why. This unit uses light science to create a full spectrum grow for indoor plant veg or flower light full spectrum. This unit is a full 450w system but uses less electricity than a 300w led.

Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light

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Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light

  • Suspended 18 inches above our plants, the light covers a 3×3 grow area perfectly
  • Full-spectrum light includes 12 wavelengths from infrared to ultraviolet—it’s like you moved the sun into your grow room
  • Switch to “Bloom” and it turns on extra power and changes light color for flowering
  • LEDs don’t generate heat like bulbs making it easier to control the temperature in your grow area
  • LEDs use a lot less electricity to run; expect a 50% reduction in usage compared to a traditional HIP system of the same power level
  • PlatinumLED uses top quality 3W bulbs that last up to 50,000, you can grow with this light for years
  • P450 build quality is solid and the features are professional level
  • The cooling fans on top of the panel are silent compared to other cooling systems

It is true that you get what you pay for and that’s no different with the PlatinumLED LED grow light systems. This is a top-level product with the power and features to provide you with everything you need to grow a plant from seedling to flowering.

A grow light that won’t run hot

The Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light is specifically designed to provide even levels of light intensity to a 3×3 tent of grow area. You can daisy chance multiple units for a larger coverage area or invest in a larger PlatinumLED model such as the P600 or P900. The P450 runs almost silently and will not greatly increase the temperature of your grow area. Standard ventilation and fans will be more than enough to maintain a constant comfortable temperature for your cannabis plants. Closets or grow tents are the best grow space to set up this led panel.

Advanced Platinum Series LED Panel, uses aluminum heat sinks to help cool the grow space weather that be a grow tent, grow closet or grow boxes.

The light created by the Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light has a purple cast to it due to the color of its LED drivers. This makes it hard to examine your plants and will require you to use white light for any close-up inspection of your plants.

Like with all other LED grow light systems your electricity bill will be cut in half when compared to any traditional incandescent grow lights. Since I started testing LED grow lights I’ve committed to LED systems and will never go back to HIP lights.

The LED drivers used in the PlatinumLED systems are high-quality 3-Watt LEDs and they never burn out. Even if they did though you would be covered by the 90-day money back guarantee or even better the 5-year warranty that comes standard with your equipment.

Incredible lighting with fantastic results

PlatinumLED says you can replace a 600-watt HPS setup with their 450W panel. We tested this exact situation and found it to be true. The 450W panel penetrated our plants deep into the canopy and provided the same light intensity as the 600-Watt HPS option. Even better the Platinum P450 only draws 275 Watts with the high power “Bloom” option selected. Your plants will get more than enough light from the P450.

his system is so powerful that it can burn your plants. I highly recommend hanging the Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light a few inches higher than recommended when you first set up the light. You can lower the light if your plants are able to handle the intense power.

A great investment

We highly recommend the Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light for grow areas 3×3 and under or as a part of a larger setup with multiple units. The P450s top quality components are made to last and will last your years of trouble-free growing.

The Final Word:

This is an investment and the Advanced Platinum Series includes a fantastic warranty. They stand by their products with a 90-day money back guarantee and a whopping 5-year full warranty on the system itself. That’s 5 years of growing worry free!


  • Superior 12 band spectrums for all growth stages
  • 5-year warranty guaranteed and 90-day money back guarantee
  • Recently updated aluminum heat sinks
  • Includes built-in fans
  • Two to three times the lumen output of other LED lights
  • USA-made LEDs
  • truth lighting
  • high watt led grow lights
  • perfect for indoor plants grow


  • Not a true full spectrum
  • May require additional reflective surfaces on walls or around lights for full foliage coverage
  • Must purchase hangers separately

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