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Stop wasting THC Find out how to unlock 99% of your cannabis’s power through decarboxylation

After spending a few days researching and studying the process of decarboxylation, I was shocked to find out how important this process is to preparing cannabis for use through oral or topical consumption. I mean I’ve been growing cannabis for 10 years and not once did I remember hearing anything about decarboxylation.

Ardent Lift

So why is decarboxylation important?

Decarboxylation is the process of activating the THC and CBD that is contained in your cannabis bud. Before decarboxylation occurs 90% of the THC and CBD is locked away in the organic plant material meaning it can’t be accessed. In their natural state THC and CBD are THCA and CBDA which are precursor compounds and cannot be absorbed by the endocannabinoid system. To perform the conversion from THCA and CBDA to THC and CBD the correct amount of heat and time must be applied.

The old way to perform decarboxylation

In the past to perform decarboxylation at home, you had to use your oven or a toaster oven to provide convection heat. Your cannabis bud would be ground up and then thinly and evenly distributed over a cookie sheet and then heated to 240F for 60 minutes. This process certainly works but through scientific testing was found to only active 75% of the potential THC and CBD. Under heating, time and overheating can all cause negative effects on your finished cannabis.

There are other negative issues with cooking cannabis in your oven such as the smell it generates.

How to extract 99% of your THC and CBD easily

A new product called the Lift by is the worlds first and only automatic decarboxylation device; unlocking 99% of THC and CBD compounds with a fast, easy smell free device. Shanel Lindsay, the inventor of the Lift, worked with MCR labs to study the process of decarboxylation and found that performing the traditional oven decarboxylation process at home only activated 75% of the THCA and CBDA contained in the plant material. Further, overheating or heating for too long also destroyed THC and CBD.

This is why Shanel invented the Lift. This seemingly simple device performs the miraculous conversion of 99% of THC and CBD. Just open the lids drop in up to 14 grams of bud ground or unground and replace the lids. Now press the green button on the front of the Lift, and the process starts. You’ll know when the process is finished because the button light will change from red to green when the process has been completed.

Once the Lift starts processing your cannabis it uses pre-defined heating, timing and cooling processes to perfectly active your cannabis. It’s that simple, and once the process starts, you’ll find that the Lift produces almost no smell in your home.

Dcarb cannabis

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How do I know my cannabis has been decarboxylated?

Once you’ve finished the decarboxylation process with the Lift and open the unit to expose your cannabis, you’ll notice right away that the color of the plant matter has changed. The color is now a dull greenish-brown if you’ve used a vaporizer before I would say it looks like weed after I’ve vaped it. Though the bud doesn’t look as appetizing with its new color the magic has happened at a molecular level converting TCHA and CBDA into THC and CBD. Your cannabis is now ready to have its THC and CBD extracted from the plant matter into a carrier such as fat, or alcohol depending on your final use. If you are making canna-butter, you would just boil the decarboxylated cannabis in butter for 3 hours to create the best canna-butter you’ve ever had!

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Final Thoughts

If you are a consumer of edibles or user of THC and CBD or a user of topicals and want to start making your own extremely high-quality products, then you need the Lift by Ardent. This extremely simple looking device is a piece of technology that allows you to unlock the full potential of your cannabis. Right from your first batch, you’ll start saving money on cannabis because more of your cannabis will be activated and you’ll need less to make the same recipe.

The Lift is a quality product, and it will last you for years of processing cannabis earning back your small investment time after time. I’ll never process THC without my Lift again!

  • creates very little smell
  • perfect heating cycle for decarboxylation
  • Quality construction
  • Easy to use
  • Price
  • Load size could be larger

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