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Best Bud Trimmer – 2022 Reviews & Guide

Over the past three months while your beautiful cannabis plants grew you tended to their every need while fighting the temptation of harvesting too early. It’s been a lot of work and your patience is worn thin. Your trichomes are finally milky and turning amber; harvest time has arrived. Now what? It’s time for the best bud trimmer to perfectly sculpt your cannabis.

Do you need an assisted trimmer, that depends on how many plants you need to process?. If you’ve only grown 2 to 4 plants, you can defiantly trim them by hand. I highly recommend trimming wet over dry. Dry trimming is harder especially by hand and you can lose more trichomes when handling the dry plant material. To scale your grow you need to introduce automatic bud trimming machine to have top quality results while reducing the man-hours required to trim buds.


Preparing Cannabis
Trimming Cannabis Buds the old way

To Scale your Grows You Need cannabis cutting Machines

If you have a couple of plants to trim then the cost-effective option is pruning shears. You’ll need straight and curved shears to be able to handle the work. Even better give a pair to a friend you trust to help. I do enjoy trimming plants, but it is time-consuming. If you have any more than a few plants, you are going to need to look at automated trimming machine options. That’s why smart people invented several types of bud trimming machines. You’ll get the best trimming by hand but it will take a lot of time. Some people like the peaceful state trimming cannabis creates. I personally would rather not trim by hand. Trimming machines are a godsend and the way to make growing cannabis cost effective in a competitive field.

  • Leaf Bowl Trimmer
  • Electric Hand-Held Trimmers
  • Drum Trimmers
  • Fan Trimmers
  • Rotor Leaf Trimmer

How do you know which trimming technology is best for you? The best bud trimmer that is best for you will be the one you can afford that will do the best job. We’ve picked and reviewed a number of different kinds of bud trimming machines for you but didn’t include any industrial sized solutions. Bud Trimmers can come in factory sized machines if you are growing on a large scale.

Editors Choice EZ Trim Wander – Best Cannabis Trimmer

OK, I know that some of you are looking at the vacuum hose and thinking is this some sort of “Flowbee” hair cutting system like you see on infomercials. I promise you that the EZ trim Wander Trimmer is a serious piece of equipment. Using its suction and integrated cutting blades you can trim your cannabis perfectly while saving 60% to 80% of the time it would take to trim it manually. It also trims your buds while not damaging or over cutting, it really seems like an impossible task, but it works!

Wander Suction Cutter Click Here to See More Images of the Best Bud Trimmer

Easy Trim Collection

Not only is EZ Trim Wander fast it’s efficient too. All the plant mater chopped by the blades is sucked up by the vacuum and conveniently ends up in your Shop vac for collection and processing into, Canna-butter or Bubble Hash.

The truly amazing part is how fast and easily this machine removes all of the extra leaves and plant matter from your buds without nicking or damaging your buds. It provides a very tight consistent trim which means you can focus on your buds and not on your trimmer. I believe this is the best trimmer available on the market today.

How the EZ Wander Works

The secret to this trimmer is the suction provided from your wet or dry shop vac. This suction is used to gently pull the leaves away from the cannabis, at the same time the spinning blade cuts the lifted material which is sucked into the vacuum cleaner for collection. This is the top machine for the consumer cannabis market hands down.

The cutting slot is maneuvered around your flowers like scissors would be which gives you complete control over the cut. When I tested this product, it did take some getting used too. Once you play with it for a short while knowing how to hold and move the unit just becomes natural and intuitive. I can honestly say that I enjoyed trimming down my test plants with the EZ Trim, I chopped up and cleaned 3 large plants in about an hour. It was my first time using the device and I think with time I could do much more.

There are several cutting adjustments that can be made to better your trimming. First off you can increase or decrease the suction provided by your vacuum directly through the EZ Wander Trimmer. Adjust the suction lower if you are working with smaller flowers and increase speed for larger flowers. The more suction you use the faster the plant matter will be sucked into the cutting slot.

The Best Cutting for Cannabis

You are also able to control the speed of the rotary blade. It is recommended to run it at half speed for longer periods of time. I believe there is no better trimming machine available on the market today.

If you are a small to medium sized grow than I would highly recommend the EZ Trim Wander because of its quality and speed. Hand trimming is always going to provide better results than drum trimming. The price is also much lower than all the other larger and industrial trimmers. Even better this product is made in the USA and comes with a 1-year warranty.

The Magic Trimmer – Electric Precision Trim Machine

This handheld rotor leaf trimmer weights 2.2 pounds which makes it very easy to move the device nimbly around your flowers. As soon as you pick up The Magic Trimmer you can tell that it is a quality built tool for trimming buds. It feels sturdy in your hand; when the motor is turned on the trimmer comes to life with high torque as the blade instantly starts whizzing around at 3300 r/min.

The Magic Click Here to See More Images Of This bud Trimming Machine

At times trimmer machines get a bad rap for mangling flowers and not being as responsive as needed to complete a quality trimming. I feel like The Magic Trimmer is a paintbrush and put into the hands of an artist it can do great things. Put in the hands of someone who isn’t an artist this device sure could beat up your buds bad. Trimming by hand is always going to be the best manicuring method but for larger grows it would cost too much time and money.

Cannabis Everywhere!

As I started wet trimming my bud I noticed right away that The Magic Trimmer is not a neat and tidy trimming machine to work with. As soon as you start trimming with this bad boy you’ll find leaf remains flying around all over the place. You are going to make a serious mess with this trimmer so if you don’t have a space that you mind getting covered in cannabis particles this isn’t the trimmer for you.

No Matter Which Option You Pick Automation Takes Practice

Any person that wants to work with this trimming machine will need to spend time getting used to the movements and touch needed to effectively trim your buds. You are defiantly going to butcher some buds while you are on your learning curve. That being said The Magic Trimmer in the hands of someone with some experience will be able to groom a lot of buds fast.

What’s Included

The unit comes with 3 blades and you’ll need some sort of weed cleaner or a razor to clean the scissor hash off those blades. The unit also comes with a long cord for easy working.

This is a great system if you are patient and have an area that you don’t mind getting splattered with cannabis particles.

Trim Daddy Hand Held Trimmer

The first time I got my hands on a Trim-Daddy hand trimmer I was a little apprehensive about manipulating my cannabis buds around the shiny chopping blades. Within a few moments, I started feeling very comfortable handing buds while gently trimming them with the Trim Daddy. The unit is so responsive and provides ample tactile feedback through the grip so you can nimbly run the blades in and out of the buds nooks and crannies while not chopping up your fingers.

Trim Daddy Click Here to See More Images Of This Rotor Leaf Trimmer

The Trim-Daddy is produced to operate for extended periods of time and will last for thousands of trimming hours. The unit uses a digital motor to provide torque and speed. Since it’s a brushless motor it won’t wear out when it’s put under load like other hand-held trimmers.

It’s an Easy

After about an hour of using the Trim Daddy, I felt very comfortable trimming. After a few hours, I still felt like my dexterity and speed with the unit improved. My first full trim session with this unit I cut 3 pounds of finished bud in just over an hour. The maker of the Trim Daddy claims they can trim up to 5 pounds an hour. I believe it! Can you imagine trimming 5 pounds an hour with a unit that only costs a few hundred dollars? Over its lifetime you’ll cut thousands of pounds of bud with it.

What’s Included

The Trim-Daddy hand-held cutter, two sets of blades, the power pack/speed controller and the handling glove.

Final Thoughts

I’ve had the pleasure to try out all of the trimmers in this review so I can tell you that they all work to different degrees. The Trim-Daddy shines above the rest because it didn’t bruise or break the buds while I could still move quickly and efficiently. If you have to trim more then a few plants the investment in this unit will be paying you back for years to come.

Clean Cut Leaf Cutter M-6000S 16” 

If you have a small to medium sized grow and are on a budget you should consider a bowl trimmer such as the Clean Cut. This is a simple automated system that trims down your buds into clean neat nuggets. Greatly speed up the manicuring of your wet to moist flowers; The Clean-Cut Leaf Trimmer M-60000S 16” has a 16-inch diameter allowing you to speed up your cutting time by 50% or more overhand trimming.

Happy Buy Leaf Cutter Bowl Click Here to See More Images Of this Bowl Leaf Trimmer

The Clean cut comes out of the box with two different cutting blades. For the wettest buds use the razor blade option first. Once you’ve run your flowers through the Clean Cut once you can change the blade to the serrated blade and further clean up your nugs.

The clear top dome allows you to see the cutting action and lets the user estimate when the buds are done. Food grade silicon fingers are used to force your flowers gently down against the blade.

Cranking the spin handle to start the chopping process is very easy. I recommend rotating the handle slowly until you see how your flowers fair.

The downside to this kind of trimmer is that all of the surfaces become caked with trichomes from your flowers. This substance is sticky and hard to clean off the parts of the machine. You’ll need to speed some time painstakingly scraping the surfaces with a blade, so you can recover all of the scissor hash. This unit is not the best bud trimmer we tested.

What’s Included

Everything you need to start trimming your cannabis is included. You will need a blade and alcohol to clean the unit after use.

SpinPro Manually Operated 

The Spin Pro manually operated trimmer is very similar to other bowl trimmers. With the Spin Pro, you don’t get a clear dome to see what’s going on with your buds inside the grinder, this sacrifice was so that they could make all of the parts of the unit dishwasher safe.

That’s right, after using this bad boy you can put the whole thing in the dishwasher and be done with it. I would still highly recommend using a blade to remove the scissor hash before washing the whole unit. What a waste that would be to just wash all those trichomes away.

This unit does a nice job chopping down your flowers, but the lid of the grinder tends to slip off and spill cannabis cuttings all over the place.

Spin Pro Manually Operated Click Here to See More Images of this Bowl Leaf Trimmer

What’s Included

Everything you need to start trimming your buds is included. You will need a blade and alcohol to clean the unit after use.

Tom’s Tumbler TTT 1600 Hand Crank Table Top

Tom’s TTT 1600 hand-cranked dry trimmer provides high quality trimming without the need for power. Imagine being able to trim at any location, indoors or out. Well, it’s possible with this impressive machine.  Though I prefer to trim cannabis slightly wet this dry trimmer does a very good job at removing all sizes of leaves from your cannabis flowers in a gentle fashion which doesn’t fracture or release many of your pretty little trichomes. The system is very gentle and efficient and can trim cannabis at between 1 and 3 pounds per hour.

Simple Easy to Use Cutting Unit

This is a very simple well-built machine that will process a ton of cannabis over its lifetime.  It’s perfect for small to medium-sized growers and requires very little maintenance besides the cleaning of blades and surfaces.

Cutting bud Click Here to See More Images of This trimming machine

What’s Included

Everything you need to start trimming your buds is included. You will just need a cleaning solution such a alcohol to clean the machine after use.

CO-Z Professional Automatic Cannabis Cutter with 3 Speeds

This automatic bud trimmer is ideal for removing larger leaves all the way down to tiny sugar leaves and stems from cannabis plants.

The CO-Z trimmer has a maintenance-free motor setup which drives three sharp stainless steel blades gently over your cannabis flowers. This unit also has a fan system built in which provides amazing trim quality and greater finished yields. The CO-Z has a hinge which allows 180-degree access for easy cleaning. The bagging system does a great job gathering leaves and other plant materials.

rotor leaf Click Here to See More Images Of this trimming machine

What’s Included

Everything you need to start trimming your buds is included. You will just need a cleaning solution such a alcohol to clean the machine after use.

Corded Speedee With Parahna Blade & Scrubber Box

This handled trimmer is a revolutionary motorized scissor that is engineered specifically to precisely and gently manicure cannabis flowers without over chopping bud material.  The patented “butterfly” wet trim blade is the secret to this unit. It allows the user very precise control over cutting. This unit will trim in tight spots and can handle large amounts of cannabis. When I tested this unit I was able to completely trim and finish trim 1 ounce of cannabis in 5 minutes. One thing I’d like to mention is that the handle does get very warm when using the machine for long periods of time.

Automated Cutting Makes you the Micheal Angelo of Cannabis

– one corded motorized Speedee Trim
– one “wet trim” Butterfly Blade
– one blade scrubber box • complimentary blade cleaning device

Note: The Butterfly works well for thinning out overgrown plants but with angled teeth at the tip that provide for precision manicuring.

Electric Trimmer Specs: 120V AC, 60Hz .04 AMPS

Handheld revolutionary motorized scissor that will precisely manicure the foliage/stems without damaging the main flower. The new blade design is specifically engineered to maneuver around tight spots in between flowers giving you full control of what you take off or leave on your plants.

Corded Speedee Click Here to See More Images Of This trimming machine

What’s Included

A corded unit, butterfly blade, and a blade scrubber box.

Risentek Bud Machine 16-inch

Risentek Machine 16 inch Click Here to See More Images Of this Bowl leaf Trimmer

The Risentek Model X 16-inch commercial grade trimmer features a stainless-steel body and a solid metal gearbox which comes with a one-year warranty. This unit was designed to allow for very precise blade adjustments so that you can trim your buds with extra care. Silicone fingers which resin won’t stick to push your cannabis down and into the sharp cutting blades but doesn’t push the cannabis flower so hard that they are chopped deeply.

Though these type of units require more cleaning this unit, in particular, does a very good job trimming so you won’t mind the cleanup time as much.

Why You Must Cut Cannabis

When a newer grower starts heading into their last few weeks of flowering one of two options often take place. Either the excited grower harvests prematurely or they skip a proper trim and curing of their cannabis. The more leaf material and stem removed from your buds the better your cannabis will feel, taste and smoke. Remember that leaf material doesn’t contain high levels of cannabinoids and their extra plant matter only serves to increase harshness, bad flavor and pungent smell.

What is a Cannabis Cutting Unit?

Simply a bud trimmer is a specialized leaf cutter. If you as a grower need to grow more then 10 plants then some sort of automated trimming system will be greatly effective in removing the trim from your cannabis. Traditional hand trimming is a very labor intensive process and I find that once I cross the 10 plant threshold the time it takes to process the cannabis becomes unreasonable and investment in automation starts to make sense. Trimmers are devices that have been engineered to pluck small and large leaves away from the bud while not damaging or over handling the flower material which could lead to Trichome loss. The other challenge these machines must overcome is the sticky buildup of trichomes all over the surfaces of the cutting unit, this can lead to malfunctions of electric trimmers.

Cutting Wet or Dry?

I personally don’t believe in wet or dry trimming, say what now? I like to trim my buds when they are down to about 35% moisture this is neither dry or very wet. I believe the best trimming condition is bud at 35% moisture content and here’s why:

  1. The bud isn’t dry enough that trichomes break free and fall off
  2. The bud isn’t’ sticky enough to gum up trimming machines or hand trimmers

When you harvest do a quick trim of larger leaves and leave everything else to hang dry with the bud. If you don’t have a low humidity area to dry your cannabis then consider placing your buds in paper bags with dry rice to help zap away moisture. Replace the rice every few days with fresh dry rice to continue wicking moisture away. This process will take between 1 and 2 months depending on humidity levels of your drying location.

I have tested trimming wet and dry many times over the years and I really do find that trimming at 35% moisture content is the most efficient and safe way for the flower. Don’t take my word for it though, try it, test it, see what works for you. Learning is all about the journey and learning to grow cannabis can be an arduous one.

Just remember all the work and time that goes into getting a crop to the trimming stage, do you want to cut corners at the very end or do you want to do things the right away to ensure the best quality buds you can possibly grow?

Equipment Requirements

With any of the listed solutions, you’ll want to wear rubber gloves to keep the resin off your skin. Use tight-fitting rubber gloves because they won’t get caught in any of the machines and cause injury.

You’ll need some screens or cookie sheets to start the cannabis drying process. You will spread your cannabis flowers on these sheets or screens and turn them often so that they dry evenly.

Remember that the left-over cannabis material, resin from your gloves and from the machine are all usable, nothing should be tossed away!

So Which Is The Best Option?

The EZ Trim Wander Trimmer is the clear winner when it comes to perfectly manicured buds, increased productivity but it isn’t the cheapest option.

  • It’s easy to use
  • It doesn’t damage your buds
  • Minimal Trichrome loss
  • Minimal Mess
  • Works for all grow sizes big and small
  • Easy to clean and maintain

 Final Thoughts

The EZ Trim Wander Trimmer is as near to hand trimming as you can get without picking up shears and it will save you’re a load of time.

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