Best Grow Tent for Indoor Growing Cannabis

How do you know which is the best grow tent for growing marijuana: Grow tents are critical for indoor plant growing

A grow tent is for exactly what it sounds like it’s for. You grow your plants inside it. Pretty simple, but the concept of having an isolated, light-proof controllable environment to grow your plants in is more important than it sounds. Many people choose to grow without a grow tent and personally, I think it’s a mistake. If you try to grow in a closet, garage or any space in your home you will have numerous issues with an open grow. Whatever you do read our reviews before you buy a tent, get the best grow tent for growing cannabis. Indoor grow tents for growing marijuana are simple but material and build quality is important.

Best Small-Sized Grow Tents

Important Notes About Construction and Quality of a good grow tent

Get the best grow tent for growing cannabis. If you make a good decision about which grow tent to start with you can expect to be using that tent for years to come. There are a lot of cheap Chinese knockoff tents sold on Amazon and you need to avoid them at all costs. A quality grow tent will be constructed with all metal poles and attachment points. Make sure none of the parts are plastic as they will break down quickly.

Thick canvas is critical if you plan on using your tent for years. Cheaper tents tend to use thin canvas which leads to pinholes all over the tent. Even just walking on the tent during assembly can damage these cheap tents.

The reflective surface on the inside walls of the tent should be at least 600D Mylar to maximize light reflection.

Any zipper openings must use high-quality heavy-duty zippers to avoid early wear out. You’ll be surprised just how much cheaper zippers will wear out.

Don’t take risks on your marijuana crop, use the best equipment you can afford because you’ll use it for years to come. Indoor growing startup can be expensive but once you are growing top quality weed for $1.40 a gram for the rest of your life things couldn’t get any better for you.

Best Medium-Sized Grow Tents for Cannabis Cultivation

Best Large-Sized Grow Tents for Growing Cannabis

Cool Grows 24x24x48 Tent

The Cool Grows tent brand has been a favorite of mine for some time now. After testing many tents, I’ve returned to my Cool Grows tent many times.


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Cool Grows tents are sturdy well-made tents that will hold up for many grows; I think they are one of the strongest grow tents on the market. This tent measures just two feet by two feet wide and four foot tall. With limited height comes limited strain options or you’ll need to know how to train your plants to keep them growing short.

The tent is supported by rust-resistant steel poles which create the underframe of the grow tent. This frame is very strong and is perfect for hanging even a heavy grow light. The outer material of the grow tent is made of 1680D thick canvas which is lined with 100% reflective diamond mylar. This reflective coating prevents hot spots and shady areas within your grow area.

The zip out windows allows you to take a look at your cannabis plants without having to unzip the whole door while the main door provides ample access to your growing area. The doors and windows are secured in place with strong thick zippers which operate smoothly when opening or closing access windows.

On the side of the grow tent, you will find two light proof ducting access ports. If you need to run electrical cords or venting into the indoor growing tent this makes it possible to seal in light and air around the intake ports leaving a seal. On the inside of the tent, there is a handy mesh bag hanging that is great to leave your tools in like your hydrometer.

Top Light 2×2 Grow Tent

The Top Light grow tent measures 2 feet X 2feet and 4 feet tall giving this tent a grow area of 4 square feet. I would still tend to stick Indica strains as they’ll grow a little shorter.

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Like all the other grow tents we’ve reviewed the tent’s structure is created with rust-resistant metal poles which make up the superstructure of the tent. The interior is lined with 100% reflective diamond mylar and the outside is a heavy-duty canvas. The fabric is strong and double stitched to prevent light leaks. The heavy-duty zippers were easy to open and close but lacked a flap to cover the actual zipper.

The front door is large and allows for easy access to the whole interior of the grow tent. There are also two windows located on either side of the tent. These are covered but can be opened to reveal screens. You will also find to light proof access ports that are perfect for electrical cords and ventilation pipe. There are also bottom ventilation panels which can be opened if more air is needed inside the tent.

There is a large front door for easy access, and two windows, one on each side. The tent includes mesh panels at the bottom for ventilation, as well as round openings to pipe air in and out and let power cords enter. Like all of the tents we’ve reviewed this tent came with a floor tray which is removable and makes it easy to clean up dirt and spills

Apollo Horticulture 3×3”6” Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Apollo makes great tents in various sizes, and all of them are built with the same high-quality materials. The 36x36x72 tent is a perfect beginner sized tent because it’s small but tall. This tent gives you lots of headroom for either LED or HIP lighting options while still having plenty of grow height for your plants.

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Heavy grade Mylar canvas is used to construct the outside of the tent while on the inside of the tent 100% reflective surfaces ensure you won’t have hot spots. The doors and windows are either sealed with heavy Velcro for fast access or industrial zippers which will take a lot of use.

Under the quality tent material, you’ll find the backbone of the tent which is all metal made from tubes that lock easily and securely together.

All of the seems are triple sewed to ensure that they’ll stand up to heavy everyday abuse

Vivosun 3×3 Grow Tent

Vivosun is another maker that has long been synonymous with indoor cannabis growing.

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What I like about Vivosun grow tents is that they tent fit it a little bigger making it easier to set up. Some of the other tents I’ve tested tended to be difficult to set up and tare down because the tent is just a little too small for the frame. Not the end of the world but when you are trying to assemble a grow tent by yourself, you’ll be thanking me for recommending these tents.

The walls are made from extra thick canvas with 600D reflective coding on the interior which blocks out 100% of light loss while preventing hot spots in your tent. Heavy stitching and industrial sized zippers finish off the tent which covers the all steel frame. The frame is thin but strong and was very easy to snap together. I tested a 50 pound grow light in the tent which handled the weight without an issue.

The Velcro viewing ports are large and easy to open and the exit portals are large and light tight preventing light leaks where your cords and venting enter your tent.

Extra marks for the handy storage bag on the inside of the tent.

Growtent Garden 48x24x60

Growtent Garden has been producing high quality grow tents for years and this product is no different. These 2 feet by 4 foot grow tent is made of top-shelf components like double-stitched tear proof canvas, large industrial zippers and steel tube substructure. It’s sure to stand up to several LEDs or HIPs hung from the ceiling of the tent.

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The tent is easy to put together and features a heavy-duty splash proof floor as well as quick access light proof ports. This tent went together easily with one person.

Oshion 4x4x7 foot

Not all tents are made the same and the Oshion grow tent is a premium option in the market space. The steel substructure is rated for 110 pounds of hanging weight which is much more than any of the other tents we’ve tested. If you are planning on using heavy lights or multiple lights this tent has the strength to hold it all together.

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This stealthy grow closet has no light leaks and looks very similar to a portable wardrobe closet keeping nosy neighbors from knowing what you are growing.

TopGrow 48x36x72 2-In-1 Grow Tent

The Topogrow 2-in-1 grow tent is a star on the grow tent stage. Beside a normal growing, area these tents also include a separate propagation area which can be used as a totally separate area for young flowers or your mother plant.

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Along with the Topgrows innovative secondary grow area it also shares most of the same high-quality parts as the other tents we’ve tested. High-grade canvas material is thick and double stitched and opens easily from oversized zippers. All the necessary ventilation holes and cord areas are included to support both grow areas of the tent.

Viparspectra 4x2x6 Grow Tent

You know Viparspecta for their LED grow lights but they also produce some darn fine grow tents as well. The VIparspectra 4x2x60 grow tent is ideal for smaller growers who don’t have a large foot-print for a grow area.

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You’ll find that the construction of the tent and its structure to be top notch. The heavy metal poles easily snap together and can carry up to 100 pounds safely. All of the ports and viewing windows are accessed via strong industrial zipper or by Velcro strips which prevent any light from leaking out of the tent.

I was easily able to build this tent on my own without any assistance in about 30 minutes.

Viviosun 4x2x6 Grow Tent

I actually have been using a Viviosun grow tent for about 5 years now. This 4x2x6 foot grow tent is the perfect format from small to medium size grows that you are trying to keep on the down low. You won’t have any issues hanging a heavy light on the top supports. As well you’ll be able to support vents and filters as well as power cords and ducting all through light-tight entry/exit portals.

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Assembly this grow tent is all east going as I was able to build it by myself without ending up in a fit of rage. The high-quality metal frame snaps together easily and supports the heavy nylon tent material.

Access to your plants through the main zippered door is the easy bit you can also view or access your plants from both sides of the tent.

This is a quality tent that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Viviosun 5x5x7 Grow Tent

With larger tents come larger responsibilities, oh what that’s Spiderman never mind. Bigger tents are harder to assemble so you might want to have an extra pair of hands around for this tent. This bad boy will grow 12 or 13 cannabis plants neatly lined up in rows directly below your grow light source. The ceiling of the tent rests on metal bar supports which can hold up to 100 pounds of gear safely. The entire tent substructure is metal and will provide ample support for years to come.

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I managed to fit two 400 Watt Mars Hydro LEDs which gave the entire canopy good light coverage. The inside of the tent is 100% reflective and waterproof so that light will be bounced around the tent area instead of causing hot spots.

The in/out ports located on both sides of the tent allow for lots of cords and venting to be run into the tent without letting outgrow light. The main door opens by way of a large industrial zipper which will last for years.

The overall quality, design, and features of this grow tent are great for the price.

Toplite 8x8x9 Grow Tent

Toplite makes a great product that’s really in line with its competitors when it comes to quality. This is essentially a room replacement tent, this baby is huge. You are going to need 2 or 3 people to put this tent together. There is just no way to handle it all on your own.

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This product, unfortunately, uses plastic corner connectors instead of metal. This could lead to premature wear of these parts in time. The tent itself is made from heavy 600D light proof oxford cloth.  The substrate is made of metal poles which connect to heavy connectors. You’ll be able to hang 110 pounds from the metal cross bars so you won’t have an issue hanging multiple lights to cover the full grow area.

The doors and hatches are connected with heavy grade zippers that will take a load of abuse. The in/outports are completely light tight and easily allow for cords, vents and more to be run into the tent.

Optimal environmental control is what you are after with a grow tent in the Toplite grow tent does the trick.

Hydroplanet 8x4x7 Grow Tent

The Hydroplant grow tent is large enough to grow up to 16 cannabis plants. This is a full-on climate controlled grow room, not just a tent. This tent is so big that even a tall person will be able to stand up straight and work inside the tent without any issues.

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The tent foundation is made from all metal poles and connectors which will live up to wear and tear. The tent itself can support up to 120 pounds hanging from the ceiling so multiple large lights are easily added to the tent.

You’ll find putting this tent together a bit of a chore. The heavy fabric is great for wear and light proofing but it’s extremely heavy and hard to pull over the metal frame. You’ll need at least a few sets of extra hands to manhandle the tent into place. Also, make sure before you purchase this tent that you have enough height in your room to set the tent up. With a 7-foot ceiling height, I’m sure many people will have issues fitting this into their homes.

Growtent Garden 8x4x6.5 Grow Tent

Growtent Garden is another room placement grow room. Large scale grow tents to make it a snap to control the environment in even a large space. This is a heavy duty grow tent from a parts perspective. The heavy rust resistant poles snap together to create a strong backbone for the tent. The tents fabric is heavy duty and will withstand loads of use. The in/outports are plentiful and allow for external power and ventilation to enter the tent without any light loss.

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The access doors are very heavy and are held together with heavy-duty industrial zippers which will last you for years of service.

Managing your Micro Environment

Best grow tent for growing cannabis. The inside of a grow tent is the perfect environment for growing your cannabis plants. Everything about the tent has been thought of and engineered to support your grow. The tents are light proof providing a discreet lightproof area which also prevents outside light contamination. Yes, that’s a real thing. When your plants are flowering you can’t have any light leakage during their 12 hour lights out period.

The floor of better grow tents is waterproof and removable for easy cleaning and drying. There are entry ports built into the tent which allow you to bring in power cables and ventilation without having any light or air leaks. The inside walls of the grow tent are made of a reflective surface which redirects light back on to your plants which helps prevent hot spots or dark areas.

image by ledgrowlightshq

The confined area of the tent allows for easy ventilation and scrubbing of the smelly air that can be produced by cannabis plants. The ventilation ports allow for air intake as well as being expulsion. Generally, your air is run through a charcoal filter before it exits the grow tent to remove odors.

By keeping your cannabis grow in a sealed area you can control temperature and humidity with much more accuracy thus making it a great place for you to grow your plants. If you were to grow in an open closet or room in your home you would have no way of scrubbing the smell out of the air or to raise or lower the humidity around your plants.

High Quality Grow Tent Poles

Another important item about hydroponic grow tents is making sure you get a tent with enough headroom for growing cannabis. There are many size options available for grow tents. Cannabis is generally a tall plant if not kept. You also need to think about the thickness of your plant lamps and how much distance between your light and your plants is needed. If you add all this space together you are generally looking at 24 inches or more. That’s 24 inches of lost growing space. Do yourself a huge favor and get the tallest grow tent available. Grow tents of 72 inches or higher are best. Generally, 80-inch tents are the tallest available and a great choice for the urban farmer.

The Advantages of Grow Tents

As mentioned above, apart from total control, grow tents offer more advantages than just growing plants in a spare closet.

  • Grow tents are fantastic for pest control. It makes it much harder for pests to get a foothold on your crops when the crops are sealed away safely.
  • The reflective 600d mylar covering of the inside of a grow tent lowers your need for light energy which in turn lowers your electricity bill. That reflective coating prevents hot spots and helps spread light evenly around your grow area.
  • Some cannabis strains release a greater concentration of odors. Without the tent, there is no way of containing and scrubbing those odors from the air in your home.
  • A growing tent also circulates air extremely well, which brings fresh air to your marijuana plants that contain the carbon dioxide needed for strong, healthy growth. Hydroponic grow tents are designed so you can use a carbon-filter air purification device to scrub odors from the air. The integrated system takes air from outside of the tent that brings the CO2 to the marijuana plants, and a carbon filter removes the odor from the air and disperses the scent-free air outside of the tent. This is referred to as ‘negative pressure,’ and it’s shown to be unbelievably reliable at keeping the air inside a grow tent pressurized so no odors can be released or “leak out” while giving fresh CO2 to the garden.
  • Have a water accident? The waterproof floor and walls of a grow tent won’t be destroyed by water. It also makes it much easier to dry up water or clean up spills by removing the floor of your grow tent for a deeper clean.
  • You never have to worry about flowering your plants. During the 12 hours of darkness per day that is required to flower your cannabis plants, it is imperative that no light is leaked into the grow area. Any light during this 12-hour period could stop the flowering phase or even worse produce hermaphrodite plants which produce seeds and buds.

So, to follow up the advantages of growing in a tent are:

  1. The tent magnifies and reflects light to your plants more evenly
  2. It adds a protective barrier against pests
  3. It allows you to control airflow and fresh air to your plants
  4. It helps make you grow more power-efficient
  5. It helps you remove odors from the air
  6. There are many size options for the urban farmer looking to have the thickest and strongest grow

Now that we’ve told you why you should be growing with a grow tent we are going to go over the top grow tents and what makes them great. This is intended to help you decide when purchasing a grow tent. We will review the grow tents that we have tested by size grouping.

Remember that one of the most important factors in choosing an indoor growing tent is the height of the tent. Make sure you pick a tent that is generally high enough for your plants and lighting system. Get a tent tall enough to grow big fat juicy cannabis plants. If you do plan on using a shorter tent due to space limitations you can “train” your plants to be short and still grow large buds.

How to choose the right size to grow tent

Small Growers – People looking to grow one or two plants at a time from seedling to flowering will need a tent at least 2’ x 2’.
Medium Growers – People who are looking to grow up to 4 plants will need a grow tent at least 4’ x 4’ feet.
Larger Growers – People looking to grow 8 or more plants at once will need a tent at least 5’ x 5’ feet.

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