California Lightworks 440W LED Grow Light

Last updated: July 14, 2018 at 21:18 pm

California Lightworks 440W LED Grow Light is a whole different breed of grow light but it comes at a steep price being one of the more expensive lights we’ve reviewed. What is instantly apparent when you see the Lightworks 440 LED grow light turned on is the bright red color emitted from the 5Watt LEDs, all 88 of them shining brightly.

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Most of the other lights we have tested are driven by 3-Watt LEDs which provides a less intense light. The LED’s are emitting deep blue in the 430-460 nm and deep red in the 650 to 670 nm levels. This helps achieve maximum light absorption in your cannabis plants. This range of light also handles the plant’s vegetative stage as well as flowering stage very well without switching lighting equipment.

The intense light is focused at 90 degrees by the jewel-quality glass which directs the light deep into your plant canopy. Though the LEDs provide ample light wavelengths for all stages of growth the California Lightworks 440W LED grow light also includes two 15-Watt UV-B tubes to enhance your flowering stage growth. UV-B light is not included in any other lighting system we’ve tested and this wavelength of light truly helps grow fantastic crystal covered buds.

The Final Word:

The lighting unit in this taking less room in your grow area and comes in a solid enclosure with built-in high-speed fans which keep the whole grow light unit cool.


  • Jewel Quality lenses that are great at spreading light
  • True full spectrum wavelength due to the extra UV-B Tubes
  • Intense light thanks to 5-Watt LEDs


  • UB-B light tubes will need to be replaced
  • Doesn’t include hangers

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