Growing Weed: The Ideal Climate and Strains

Key Takeaways: The ideal temperature for growing weed is between 75 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit The best soil for growing weed is one that is rich in organic matter and drains well Sandy loam soils are perfect for cannabis cultivation as long as they contain organic material You’ve decided you want to grow weed. Maybe … Read more

Highest Yielding Strains Indoors: We report the Biggest Buds Available

Get your brain wet with a little background on the highest yield strains indoors Achieving the highest yield indoors doesn’t have to be a long drawn out research that leads to data paralysis, where you can’t start because you can’t make up your mind. We’ll be exploring the following best growing cannabis strains: Northern Lights Tangerine … Read more

How To Grow Weed Organically – Ultimate Guide

Key Takeaways: Organically grown weed is cannabis that is cultivated without the use of any synthetic chemicals or pesticides. This type of growing cannabis plants is not only more environmentally friendly but also produces a higher quality product. Many people believe that organic weed cultivation is better for your health as it does not contain … Read more