Dr. Dabber Switch Review

Dr.Dabber Switch review: The Newest Way to Vape Concentrates or Dry herb using induction Every now and then a new technology comes along and changes the market forever. This is called a disruptive technology and the Switch by Dr. Dabber is exactly that; a new way to vaporize cannabis and cannabis concentrates. Until recently, vaporizers operated on … Read more

Best portable vaporizer for weed

Best portable vaporizer for weed Over the last few years, portable vaporizers have become incredibly popular all over the world as the dangers of smoking become better known and the health benefits of using a vaporizer have been highlighted by experts worldwide. Since vaping devices simply heat up the material rather than combusting it in … Read more

Best Portable Vaporizer

Best Portable Vaporizers In 2018 the portable dry herb vaporizer market exploded with new products launching constantly; 2019 seems to be more of the same. As a tech geek like many of my readers, I suffer from shiny object syndrome. I’m compelled to upgrade or buy every shiny new portable vaporizer that hits the market. … Read more