Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light

Last updated: July 12, 2022 at 13:28 pm

With the recent legalization of medical and recreational marijuana use in many US states and with the upcoming legalization in Canada, many people are looking for the best LED grow lights. I heard some good things about the Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light so I thought we would review it. Since Dirt Genius is well known in the industry and that’s what attracted our attention for this review.

Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light was recommended by several top growers of cannabis but we were skeptical because the unit looks well, like a pretty light. That’s why we ordered this light, we waited about 5 days for it to arrive and when we unpacked the unit we were already shocked by its sturdy look and feel. This led panel is designed specifically for grow tents and closets. This is one of the best on our grow lights guide. Lighting science brings a lower power draw system that is capable of indoor plant veg as well as growing big fat buds in the flowering stage.

Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light
Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light

Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light specs

The Dirt Genius 280W UV series led grow light has 6 bands of light wavelengths to ensure fantastic growing capabilities all through your grow from vegetation to flowering including spectrum IR. There is a limited number of light bands on this unit compared to some other LED we’ve reviewed but the Dirt Genius does contain all the needed wavelengths to make an indoor plant grow. This grow lights guide features series led grow light that has a lower power draw than expected.

Our initial inspection of the grow light found the suitable durable construction of the entire unit. The Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light is powered by 82 LED chips which are replaceable if any happen to burn out. This is unlikely though as the average usable time is 50,000 hours. Non-the less if one chip ever burns out you can just pull it out and swap in a new one without having to replace the whole unit. Daisy chaining the light system allows you to ad more spectrum led grow light.

The backside of the LED grow light contains 3 fans which draw air up through the unit and out the top helping to prevent any overheating issues that might come up. This light does run a little warmer than some of the other spectrum led grow lighting system we’ve tested but is still significantly less hot then a HIP system.

Super Powerful LED Grow Light System Tested in a Gorilla grow tent perfect for growing cannabis

The panel has an output of 280-Watts while only using about 120 Volts of electricity to power the unit. The LEDs are very bright and are suitable for cannabis grows. The Dirt Genius is suitable for a grow if about 2×3 square feet making it perfect for a closet or tent grow.

After examining the Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light we decided to put it to the test in some or our growing areas. We first ran it in our seedling room and found that the light did a good job without burning our delicate babies. We then put the unit to work in a vegetative area where we found that the unit was excellent for vegetative grow. We didn’t have any issues with burning or bleaching. We could plug and play this light without having to play with height adjustments. Lastly, we ran the light in a flowering tent with 6 mature plants and found that there was plenty of energy available to our plants.

The Final Word:

This Dirt Genius 280W UV LED Grow Light works well and with features like bright LEDs, replaceable light chips, and a well-made framework, we were rather impressed. Yes, we have seen other comparable kits on the market, but those kits are double the price. This is a little workhorse.


  • 6 band spectrum grow
  • Very small size
  • Daisy chain up to four units together
  • truth lighting
  • max grows
  • warranty information available
  • money back guarantee
  • top led brand


  • Not a true full spectrum
  • May require additional reflective surfaces on walls or around lights for full foliage coverage
  • Usable grow area is small

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