Dr. Dabber Switch Review

Dr.Dabber Switch review: The Newest Way to Vape Concentrates or Dry herb using induction

Every now and then a new technology comes along and changes the market forever. This is called a disruptive technology and the Switch by Dr. Dabber is exactly that; a new way to vaporize cannabis and cannabis concentrates. Until recently, vaporizers operated on either conduction or convection heating without exception. These technologies heat from the outside in and bring the cannabis to the desired temperature slowly and without accuracy. I’m very excited to be providing this Dr. Dabber review. As a teaser, I’d just like to say that the vapor production and vapor smoothness is outstanding on the Switch.

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dr-dabber Induction Heating: Best vapor production & superior vapor smoothness

Before I explain how induction works let’s talk about why it’s a better option then conduction or convection vaporizers. Induction provides an instant, even temperature from the inside out so your cannabis terpenes are preserved which means tasty hits with a wonderful aroma.

There are more benefits to induction heating; no electrical connections to a heating element that will wear out over time and need to be replaced. The extremely accurate temperature control (precise temp adjust / temp range within 1 degree) of the Dr. Dabber ensures that even the pickiest connoisseurs will appreciate the vapor quality.

So how does induction work? The Switch uses precision directed energy in the form of high frequency electromagnetic magnetic waves to heat an induction cup made of titanium covered in a special ceramic coating. The magnetic waves instantly excite the molecules within the area of the cup vaporizing the THC and terpenes without having to apply excess heat. As soon as the field is turned off the contents of the cup quickly cool down to preserve the flavor over multiple sessions.

The area at the top of the Switch where you place the induction cup produces a low oxygen environment so that the cannabis material can’t combust even at higher temperatures.

Another benefit of the induction heating is the self-cleaning option when using the “oil” setting on the Switch. After taking a few hits from a dab you simply press the “+” button and hold it for 5 seconds which will start a superheating program which will burn any remnants in the induction cup. If you look closely while this process is happening, you’ll see that the cup starts to glow slightly red so whatever you do don’t take a hit while in cleaning mode. Make sure you are in a ventilated area or under a fan because it will kick up a stink while it’s cleaning.

Holding a charge

I love that the Dr. Dabber Switch is rechargeable, you can take this bad boy with you where ever you are around the house and never need to plug it in. I ran the Switch 3 to 4 sessions per day for a week and performed many cleaning cycles on one charge. This is the best battery performance of any vaporizer I’ve had the please to review.

The device is portable in the sense that you can move freely around your environment without needing to worry about a cord. I’m not sure I would be packing this bad boy up and taking it on the road. The carrying case is top quality so you could safely transport it, but it’s a pretty big box that isn’t discreet, I mean it says DR Dabber on it.

Switch User Experience

From the moment you open the high-quality foam lined box until your eyes light up as you see the sparkling glass, aluminum and soft-touch materials used to build the DrDabber Switch. You know you are unboxing something special right away. Assembly is simple, add an inch of water to the glass bubbler and install it to the top of the DrDabber Switch by gently pushing it down on to the top of the unit. Plug the unit in if it’s your first use if not just turn on the selector for either oil or dry herb.

I’m testing out cannabis concentrate first because I have less experience consuming it than cannabis. I’ve never felt comfortable using traditional rigs so my experience with concentrates is limited.


Select the dr dabber black induction cup and place some of your concentrates in it, I used just a tiny bit to start. Next using the reverse grip tweezers (which take some getting used too) pick up the cup and place it down inside the top of the Switch and gently drop the cup in so it seats.

Set your desired temperature (I like the third heat option) by pressing the “+” button. Once you reach the desired temperature the lights will blink magenta. The unit is now ready to go, just press the “go” button and in just five seconds the top of the Switch will glow green, you’re ready to start pulling. The dr dabber Switch will operate that session for about two draws and then will cool down. You can custom set this operation time to suit your style completely. When your ready for another hit just press the “go” button again and in five seconds you’ll be ready to go again.

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I love the draw you get through the dr dabber bubbler when you take a toke, it’s very free, cool and smooth, unlike many vaporizers I’ve tested that feel tight or hot when taking a pull. The glass topper for the bubbler is a little small but when you adjust the fit it provides a tight seal and great draw from the bubbler.

Vaporizing Dry Cannabis

To use dry herb in the dr-dabber Switch, select the dry herb button and grab a hold of the dr dabber white induction cup. This cup is specially constructed for dry herb so don’t use the black cup! You’ll want to use fine ground cannabis and pack it in tightly into the induction cup. Use the reverse tweezers to place the cup into the top of the Switch and drop it gently into place. Make sure the cup is seated and then set the desired temperature with the “+” button.

I tried all five of the standard temperatures for dry herb and found that level 2 was the best option for flavor. At level 4 and 5 I found that the vapor tasted burnt and the remnants looked black as well.

Emptying the cooked material from the dr-dabber induction cup will require the use of a pointy tool to loosen hardened cannabis. I use a glass pick, I have a feeling you don’t want to scrape it with anything that will scratch the ceramic.

Overall, I found that the Dr Dabber Switch didn’t produce a satisfying vapor cloud in dry herb mode unless I increased the heat which then ruined the flavor. As a dry herb enthusiast, I’m picky about my experience, if your just use dry herb on occasion it would be fine. The vapor smoothness was good and the pull from the vapor path is outstanding.

Taking care of your unit

Taking care of the Dr Dabber Switch is really a snap. You’ll need to keep the glass bubbler clean by swishing alcohol around in it. The top of the Switch will also need to be cleaned with alcohol and Q-Tips. I perform cleaning while the cup and top of the Switch are still warm if it cools you’ll have a sticky mess. Wipe up the oil that has built up in the seating area as well as on the sides of the glass chamber. Even though the Cleaning cycle does a good job cleaning the inside of the induction cup you might need to clean the outside with alcohol as well.

The Stats

  • Fast Induction Heating
  • Smooth & Consistent Flavor
  • 25 Calibrated Heat Settings
  • Up To 150 Cycles Per Charge
  • Self-Cleaning Mode Burns Away Residue
  • Completely Leakproof
  • Pass-Through Charging

Overall Impression

The Dr Dabber Switch aims high with their product, the construction, design, technology, and usability are top notch; it doesn’t matter if you are a concentrate user or dry herb user this rig provides an easy efficient way to consume your cannabis.

The Switch does cover a lot of territories very well but does come short with dry herb. It’s priced in the middle of the market and does provide a lot of bang for your buck. I feel like you get really good value with this product.

The induction design will allow for years of use without parts wearing out, the unit also comes with a full two-year warranty to cover your back. The glass bubbler cover and stir stick are delicate, the first time I got ripped with this rig I ended up dropping the topper and the thin glass broke instantly. The replacement part was 25 bucks!

I think induction is the wave of the future due to its ease of use, safety, and efficiency so you are investing in a technology that isn’t going anywhere.

If you are looking for a safe easy way to consume concentrates and care about the flavor and aroma of your material this bad boy is for you. If you vape mostly dry herb and only dabble in concentrates, it might not be your super solution.

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  • Great replacement for an E-Nail or Oil Rig
  • Safe to use (no flames)
  • Instant heating time
  • High-quality build and materials
  • 2-Year warranty
  • Dry herb isn’t efficiently vaporized
  • Cleaning the inside of the glass bubbler is difficult

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