Electric Sky ES300 Wide-band LED Grow Light

A New LED Grow Light Technology

I’m happy to be able to talk about a new style of LED Grow Light; Electric Sky by The Green Sunshine Company is a truly a unique Led grow light in a crowd of similar technologies. It isn’t often that a new technology comes online that disrupts the marketplace and that’s just what the Electric Sky does through its development and use of “wide-band” LEDs. Electric Sky uses a patent-pending GS1 wideband spectrum technology to give your plants more of what they need to grow and thrive. The addition of these extra light spectrum’s is like “putting your cannabis plants on steroids” providing the power to increase yields and THC concentrations.

The Old Way of Thinking about LED Grow Lights

In the early days of LED grow lights, it was thought that plants only really needed red and blue light to grow. It’s because of this that many of the LED Grow lights that you see always look purple in light color. In reality, cannabis leaves are absorbing much more than red and blue light. The fact is that the leaves of your plants are processing green and yellow light in the 500-600nm range. The chloroplasts which drive photosynthesis are using green, yellow and orange light as well to fully operate at peak performance.

It was thought in the past that green light is reflected off the leaves, but it is absorbed and used to produce energy within your plants. The wideband LEDs used in the Electric Sky produce a significant level of red spectrum and infrared light which many other LEDs lack; these spectrums are vital to healthy vegetation.

Why is the Electric Sky Different?

The wide spectrum LEDs are the first point of difference in this LED grow light unit. These wide bands provide your cannabis plants with more usable light then any other LED brand on the market. The Electric Sky doesn’t rely on just 8 to 12 spectrums of light like its competitors. It fills in the missing light spectrums other LEDs neglect.

Older LED grow lights have difficulty penetrating the canopy of your cannabis plants to provide light to the lower plant leaves. The Wideband technology improves purple and white LEDs as well as red and infrared LEDs which allow for better penetration and light uptake in your cannabis plants.

The Electric sky also uses “top bin mid power wideband diodes” which means the quality of the LEDs used are the top of the quality scale. With a life expectancy of over 60,000 hours, you’ll get your money out of these units fast between the number of grows you can have and with the amount of electricity you’ll save over using old-fashioned HPS or HID lights.

Dual-Way Linear Lenses

When you look at an Electric Sky Led Grow Light the first thing you will notice is the long linear lenses that stretch across the entire light panel. These lenses are designed to mimic natural light from the sky by diffusing the light rather than using a single source of light like traditional LED panels. The other goal of the linear lenses is to manipulate the light by projecting it out and down rather than all down like a single point LED grow light would provide.

Coverage Intensity

With the electric light the diffused light allows the unit to be placed at just 20” above your cannabis plants while vegetative and while blooming the light can be dropped to just 15” above your plants. All of the light intensity is driving directly into your plants whereas traditional LED panels would need to be placed at least 24” to 30’ above your plants.

With many grow lights on the market the actual growing footprint can be very different. For example, round LED units to produce around light pattern of dissipation where most of the intensity emanates from the center of the led panel and then falls off the farther from the center of the unit you get. The Electric sky has a must larger sweet spot and the light falls off in a regular rectangular shape which means there is much more usable light.

The Electric Sky by The Green Sunshine Company currently produced the Electric Sky ES180 and the ES300. Two ES300 units in tandem will produce the same energy as a 1000-Watt HPS light.

We will be testing the Electric Sky ES300 in the upcoming months on a full grow and will report our finds back to you.

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