G8LED 900-Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Grow Light

Last updated: July 10, 2022 at 21:07 pm

In 2016 the “gear of the year” award from High Times Magazine was the G8LED 900-Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Grow Light. If you don’t know that’s a big award for this industry. High Times Magazine tested this bad boy and gave it their green thumbs-up, now it’s our turn to see if we agree with the grow gurus at High Times. Now we are adding it to our grow lights guide.

The G8LED 900-Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Grow Light is a professional series grow light covers 24 Square feet with a light penetration of over 5 feet into your canopy. To get this kind of penetration with an HPS setup you would need to be running a 1400-Watt HPS. Of course, since this is a LED grow light it uses less than half the electricity that a 1400-Watt HPS system would need. Even more interesting is the fact that the LEDs in this grow light system produce only 25% of the heat of a traditional HPS system. This led lights is perfect for grow tents and hydro grow tents.

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The upfront cost is higher on an LED system but with the savings from your electricity bills and the fact that the G8LED 900-Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Grow Light will last you for 15 years’ worth of grows will pay itself off very fast. That’s 50,000 hours of grow time.

G8LED 900-Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Grow Light

The G8LED uses 3-watt LEDs and their engineers insist swear that this produces more penetrating light for the lower parts of your plants. This panel has been balanced for both vegetative and flowering stages.

This is an 8-band product it produces red, blue, IR and UV light spectrums. There is no need for a switch when its time to flower as the grow light uses all of its power and wavelengths all of the time. Where the G8LED 900-Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Lights really gains immense intensity is that they don’t waste any of the light by forcing it through a fancy lens. This baby pumps out so much more light because of this that the G8LED is able to penetrate your plants so deeply.

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G8LED 900-Watt G8-900 MEGA LED Grow Light uses LEDs from reputable manufacturers like BridgeLux, Epistar, and Optotech. This allows G8 to offer a 90-day money back guarantee as well as a 2-year parts and labor warranty.

This LED light was built to last. Everything about the light is made to last. The unit includes Zener diodes which offer protection from surges and LED burnouts. Since the G8LED runs relatively cool you can easily run it 18 hours or even 24 hours a day

Hanging the G8LED too close to your plants won’t burn them but they will become discolored and could slow their growth. The panel should be installed 28 to 42 inches from the top of your plants. If you chose to lower the lighting unit to increase the light intensity be careful to only move the light close by an inch per day to make sure you don’t overdo it.

This monster is a giant weighing in at 23-pounds and it measures 20.5x 14×3 inches. It comes with wires to hang it and a power cord that will work in your part of the world. It draws 540 Watts and will need 4.6A at 110V or 2.2A at 240V.

The Final Word:

It turns out that we completely agree with High Times Magazine on this LED grow light panel. It’s truly a powerful workhorse that would be great for replacing a traditional HPS system or as an addition to your current production system. People from around the world have stated that using the G8LED 900-Watt G8-900 MEGA LED lights Light and is increasing their yields. We truly recommend this panel as a great investment.


  • Superior Blue, Red and IR spectrum’s
  • 3-year warranty guaranteed and 90-day money back guarantee warranty information
  • 3-Watt high-intensity LEDs.
  • Massive penetration ability for thick vegetation and max grows
  • Actually draws much less electricity
  • indoor plants grow fast because of full spectrum lighting
  • top quality series led grow light


  • Not a true full spectrum

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