Galaxy Hydro 300W LED Grow Light

Last updated: July 12, 2022 at 14:15 pm

I’m extremely excited to be receiving so many questions via email and the comments sections of my reviews. I really appreciate you all coming here to read information on LED grow lights. I really think that we are providing some of the best reviews and information about LED grow lights out there. Cannabis growing is simple if you have the right growing systems in place.

There have been lots of questions about the differences between red and blue light wavelengths. I wanted to address this for a while and after checking out the Galaxy Hydro 300W LED Grow Light unit I think it’s the perfect time to tie that question into another review. Even though this led technology is only 300W it provides an extremely outstanding par value.

Galaxy Hydro 300W LED Grow Light

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What’s all this about red and blue light?

Some Horticulture studies are now finding that blue and red LED lights offer more usable light spectrums for plants and as a result, your plants can grow greener and be healthier overall. To take advantage of this the Galaxy Hydro LED provides just red and green light!

Galaxy Hydro 300W LED Grow Light The Specs

The Galaxy Hydro 300W LED Grow Light will provide an extra boost to your cannabis plants. If you find your current grow is a little lackluster in its performance than unleashing this grow light on your plants will really jack up your plant’s performance. If you have a grow space than you have the room for a lighting system. Indoor growing has never been easier with grow lights full spectrum ability to take your plants from veg to the flowering stage.

This grow lamp is extremely well built and sturdier than many other units available on the market. It weighs just 5.5 pounds and measures in at 12x8x2 which is quite a small footprint. There have only been a few others that we’ve tested that were better-growing systems. Cannabis growing has never been easier with this led panel. This is an advanced series grow lights. These are the most advanced led grow light panels available for advanced plants growth.

The high power 3W LED drivers to allow for massive energy savings while still providing the intensity and light wavelengths your cannabis plants really need. allow for energy saving but a high brightness and IR glow that your plants need. This offers the best ratio of red and blue light which improves the growth speed of your cannabis plants. This is a full spectrum led technology providing a spectrum of lighting to your cannabis plants that you never thought possible.

The benefits:

  • IR for better photosynthesis
  • More red and blue light chips than white
  • Sturdy build
  • High brightness
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated fans to lower heat
  • perfect for indoor plant/grow tents
  • Full spectrum led
  • Excellent Par ValueNo grow bulbs to deal with LEDs Last 50,000 hours
  • 50% less power draw. Led Grow lights use much less actual power then HIP lights
  • Great warranty information

The Galaxy Hydro 300W LED Grow Light unit offers two light angels of 90 degrees and 120 degrees. This means you can space out your plants a little more and still have high-intensity coverage. Remember that you can’t see the IR lights with the naked eye but rest assured that they are there pumping out power. These IR lights also play an important role in flowering your plants. You’ll need to place this light unit at a height of 19 to 42 inches above your plant depending on the stage of growth your pants are at. Led Technology has become so advanced that it is now more powerful than HIP lighting.

The Final Word:

This grow light offers the extra boost your cannabis plants need without the price you would expect. The red/blue light spectrum this unit provides will greatly improve your grow and plant health. With a 30-day money back guarantee and two years parts and service, you are completely covered.



  • Superior Blue, Red and IR spectrums
  • 2-year warranty guaranteed and 30-day money back guarantee
  • 3Watt high-intensity LEDs.
  • True vegetation and flowering ability
  • Full spectrum of lighting
  • Daisy Chaining
  • Fits in any grow space


  • Not a true full spectrum
  • May require additional reflective surfaces on walls or around lights for full foliage coverage
  • The unit is ideal for only a 3×2 grow area

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