GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light

Last updated: July 12, 2022 at 14:10 pm

The GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light provides extreme PAR value. We’ll explain what PAR values are and why you should just go and buy this light now. Take a look at these PAR values.

  • Height 8” Footprint 2 x 2’ PAR 2890umol (ridiculously strong will kill plants)
  • Height 16” Footprint 3 x 3’ PAR 1750umol (ridiculously strong will kill plants)
  • Height 24” Footprint 4 x 4’ PAR 1113umol (height for bloom phase)
  • Height 40” Footprint 6 x 6’ PAR 613umol (height for seedlings)GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED

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Now that you’ve seen these values and don’t know exactly what they mean we will discuss PAR in detail. Once you understand PAR and the light intensity put off by the GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light you’ll want to own it!

Know the PAR to choose the right intensity and coverage for your cannabis

PAR stands for photosynthetically active radiation. It’s the energy produced that falls onto the plant and is used for photosynthesis. PAR refers to the light emitted in the range of 400nm to 700nm. That means blue through red to infrared.

Higher PAR numbers are better for growing because they measure the intensity of the light falling on your plants. The PAR rating changes the farther from the light source you get. The strongest area is directly below the light source and then falls off around the edges to lower PAR values.

When growing seedlings for example you need much less intensity from your grow light. This means that you would raise the LED grow light higher away from the plants. This will lower the strength of the energy falling on the plants. When these same plants are ready for Vegetation you would then lower the light closer to the plants to increase the energy falling on the plants. Again, this would be done when it’s time for flowering as this takes more energy.

The GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light can blast a 4×4 square foot area with 1113umol when the light is hung at 24 inches above your canopy. That would allow you to flower about 12 adult sized plants. The power of this light will make your cannabis plants thrive and grow fat sticky buds.

More benefits of the GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light

The greatest benefit is a lights PAR rating but there are other benefits to the GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light that needs to be discussed. There is no need for an energy-sucking ballast to power your grow lights as LED lights do not flicker. You also don’t need to waste space with a reflector because LED grow lights project their light directly down at the plants, unlike incandescent lights which reflect light in all directions. Since the GO Grow V3 is an LED system there is no need to worry about excessive heat issues or needed a massive ventilation system to cool your plants.

The LED’s used have a lifespan of 100,000 hours so you won’t ever need to replace expensive bulbs. Another massive plus for this LED grow light is that it only consumes 320-Watts of electricity while putting out the equivalent power of 1000-Watts of energy. This will save your serious money on your electric bill.

Unlike other grow lights which have a switch to change from Vegetation to flowering the GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light doesn’t require such a switch. This unit was designed to provide the perfect wavelengths of light and intensity for all stages of plant growth. No guessing what will happen when you flip that switch and the energy increases. The Go Grow uses 100% of its energy and wavelengths all of the time.

What comes in the box, plus other important specs

GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light includes a power cord, two carabiners, and two ratchet rope hangers. The V3 light only weighs 18 pounds so it’s not much of a hassle to hang. It measures 24 inches long by 11 inches wide by 3.5 inches thick. Since this light is so thin it allows for extra vertical growth when growing in a tent or a closet.

The V3 Master Grower LED light from GoGrow can operate at several voltages so its suitable for use anywhere in the world. The Go Grow also supports daisy chaining so that you can safely operate several of these units at the same time to increase your grow footprint.

This is an industrial strength light panel and you must take eye safety very seriously when you are near the light when it is operating. The power emitted from the Go Grow LED grow light can cause instant eye damage. It’s very important you wear suitable indoor grow eye protection always. Do yourself a favor an invest in some eye protection.

If there is a problem, the V3 has a modular design that makes it easy to replace a single cluster of its 3W Epiled LEDs. GoGrow offers a 3-year warranty with free shipping for service.

The Final Word:

The GoGrow V3 Master Grower LED Grow Light is an impressive grow light with strong PAR readings and great design. It’s ideal for growing cannabis indoors. This light is so powerful you will be harvesting big fat sticky buds faster and bigger than ever before.





  • 12 band spectrums for all growth stages
  • Very Thin Unit
  • High PAR value
  • 3-year warranty
  • 30-day return



  • Not a true full spectrum

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