Highest Yielding Strains Indoors: We report the Biggest Buds Available

Get your brain wet with a little background on the highest yield strains indoors

Achieving the highest yield indoors doesn’t have to be a long drawn out research that leads to data paralysis, where you can’t start because you can’t make up your mind.

We’ll be exploring the following best growing cannabis strains:

  • Northern Lights
  • Tangerine Dream
  • White Widow Skunk
  • Super Lemon Haze
  • Cookies Kush

For me it was Purple God, the strain that I fell for. Since then, I’d always grab that strain if it was available. Why? For me, ingesting cannabis is an experience. I enjoy examining the crystals, the structure of the buds; I then explore the scents, colors and finally flavors of the buds. After buying the same< strain from different growers, I noticed that even though the plants shared the exact genetics, the buds looked, tasted and smelled different, depending on the grower (supplier).

highest yielding strain

There are two main factors that influence cannabis plants formation: genetics and environment. A cannabis plants genetic makeup or genotype is a literal blueprint for life and growth. These genetics are what gives the plant its physical possibilities, sort of like how genetics can affect a person’s athletic abilities. Genetics is indeed very powerful but without the correct environment, these traits are only partially realized. Marijuana seeds contain all the genetic traits of the plants. The environment which would be defined as the perfect combinations of:

  • light
  • nutrients
  • water
  • oxygen
  • carbon dioxide

will also have great control over the result of your cannabis grow. It’s important to remember that to achieve these high cannabis yields, you will need to grow indoor under perfect conditions.

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Those variables can cause a strain like Purple God to look and act completely differently, depending on how many of its needs were met during its growth. For example, the last batch of Purple God I purchased was nothing like I was expecting. It lacked the heavy level of amber crystals; the buds were loose and less dense with a less purple than usual color. So, whoever grew this cannabis either had some growing issues or didn’t meet the plant’s requirements for the plant to fully display its genetics. Marijuana growing from marijuana seeds is a long process so be prepared for a journey. Flowering time on high yield marijuana plants is extended so that the buds can fully realize their size and density.

So, remember, when you pick that perfect strain it will only realize its own cannabis genetics if you help the plant by providing everything it needs in the right combinations and amounts.

To begin to consider the , you need to first look at the categories of marijuana strain:

  • Top feminized seeds
  • Most potent auto flower strain

What are Feminized seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds that haven’t been genetically manipulated produce 50% female plants and 50% male plants. For the small grower, this really creates an issue, if you want to grow 5 plants you need to plant at least 10 seeds so you can identify and toss out the males when they show their sex.  This is when genetics experts stepped in and performed some magic. Using a simple process they breeder forces a female plant to produce pollen sacs as it if were a male plant. That pollen is then used to fertilize other female plants, by breeding two female plants together the result is 100% female seeds.

Since each of these categories are different and require different genetics and care routines, we’ll pick the top high yield strain for these categories. Remember we are only looking at yield as the most important measurement factor.

Northern Lights, 500g

Northern Lights is a very famous strain and its available in Auto Flowering with the same great old genetics. This fast-growing compact bud dense strain is covered with frosty crystals with a musky-honey like aroma emanating from its gorgeous buds. This strain has super quality effects and flavors while maintaining a commercial level yield. Northern Lights Auto doesn’t have a strong growing odor which is convenient for growing indoors and is loved by beginner and advanced cannabis growers. This potent strain contacts a THC level of 15%+.

I’ve grown this very strand several times from CropKingSeeds.com and have had great success. This company is completely legit and can safely ship seeds to the US and Canada.

Northern Lights Seeds Order Safely Online Click Here To Safely Buy OnlineCrop King Seeds
GENETICSOriginal Northern Lights
VARIETY70% Indica, 20% Sativa
FLOWERING TYPEAuto-flowering
YIELD500 gr/m2
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
TASTE / FLAVORcitrus, sweet, pepper
EFFECTStoney High

Tangerine Dream, 500g

Tangerine Dream Auto is a very popular strain with a well-balanced combination of cerebral and relaxing effects. This 80% Indica-dominant strain has slight less THC than the non-auto strain but still provides a THC level of over 13+ percent. Tangerine Dream auto is a smaller plant which grows under 70 cm and will grow in pretty much any environment. As for the flavor profile, it contains a tangy, sweet citrus taste with a smell that seems to fit right alongside the flavor.

Tangerine Dream Cannabis Plant Click Here To Safely Buy Online
GENETICSTangerine Dream x Auto-flower #1
VARIETYMostly Indica
FLOWERING TYPEAuto-flowering
YIELD500 gr/m2
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME67 – 75 days
TASTE / FLAVORCitrus, Sweet, Tangerine
EFFECTCerebral, Relaxing

Tangerine Dream450g

The magic auto-flowering Green-O-Matic cannabis strain is a mix of Lowrider, Ruderalis, Moroccan and White Dwarf genetics. This super-fast grower will reach maturity in just 60 days after germination.

Green-O-Matic is 80% Indica, 10% Sativa and 10% Rederalis and will mature very well under 18 hours of light per day. With an experienced grower in control of a SCROG grows, you could expect up to 800 gr/m2 which is the highest yielding plant I’ve ever found. The only reason this strain isn’t in first place is it isn’t great for beginner growers.

Green-O-Matic has a very strong THC level of almost 16% and a hearty level of CBD. Its effect is gentle but fast-acting leaving the user with a long-stoned feeling.

Green O Matic Strain Click Here To Safely Buy Online


GENETICSRuderalis x Moroccan x White Dwarf x Low Rider
VARIETYMostly Indica
YIELDIndoors: 800 gr/m2; Outdoors: 30 gr/plant
GROWSGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
HARVEST MONTH55-60 days from seed
EFFECTLong-lasting, Relaxing

Feminized Seeds with amazing yields

Top Choice: Super Lemon Haze, 800g 

This is the top yielding seed available in any strain. With a maximum yield of up to 800 g/m2 when grown indoors Super Lemon Haze is what’s going on! This masterful combination of Haze, Skunk, and Northern Lights genetics produces not only high yields but crowd-pleasing flavors and a strong euphoric high. This strain is perfect for beginners or intermediate growers because of its hearty nature. I highly recommend this strain and remember it’s safe to order seeds online from reputable dealers like seedsman.com and cropkingseeds.com.

White Widow Strain Click Here To Safely Buy OnlineCrop King Seeds


GENETICSLemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze
VARIETYMostly Sativa
YIELDIndoors: 800 gr/plant; Outdoors: 1200 gr/plant
GROWSGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
EFFECTBody, Cerebral, Long-lasting, Powerful
AWARDS1st place Indoor – Seedsman Awards 2016, 1st prize HTCC 2008-2009; 2nd prize HTCC 2010; 2nd Place Best Indoor Variety Hydro – Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2011

White Widow Skunk, 700g

White Widow skunk is the second highest yielding strain we could find. With indoor yields up around the 700 g/m2, the Skunk in this lady sure provides a boast of yield power to an already huge producing cannabis plant. Her huge white sticky nuggets provide yield and a complex taste, followed by a cerebral buzz which is heavy but alert.  White Widow Skunk is an easy to intermediate plant to grow. Since its feminized, you don’t have to worry about sexing your plants and tossing out males. Buy these seeds with confidence.

White Widow Skunk Strain Click Here To Safely Buy Online
VARIETYMostly Indica
GROWSGreenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME50 – 55 days

Cookies Kush, 650g

Cookies is a strain you’ll have heard of often. It was at one time part of a legal dispute because the makers of Girl Scout Cookies genetics GSC named it after the famous girls-club cookies. Cookies Kush takes the best of Girl Scout Cookies and pure Indian Kush. The strain has a complex flavor profile, with hints of sweetness.  I haven’t grown this strain but I have smoked and enjoyed it. Seedsman.com ships safely to the US, Canada, and the UK.

Cookies Kush Strain Click Here To Safely Buy Online
GENETICSGirl Scout Cookies X Rolex OG Kush
YIELD650 gr/m2
GROWSIndoors, Outdoors
FLOWERING TIME56 – 60 days
TASTE / FLAVOURChocolate, Sweet
AWARDSCannabis Cup Winner 2014


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Best Yielding Feminized and auto seeds conclusion

If you grow any of the strains in this article you can’t go wrong. Any of them will yield massive amounts of beautiful buds indoors. I’ve recently learned about a discount cannabis seeds from a new retailer online.

Remember that it’s safe and easy to purchase cannabis seeds online from reputable stores like seedsman.com and cropkingseeds.com. I can personally vouch for these companies. Happy growing my green friends.

Other great options for high yield indoor growing are OG Kush, Moby Dick, Sour Diesel and Jack Herer.

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