How to pass a Drug Test

How to Pass a Drug Test: Pass Urine Drug Tests for Cannabis

Those of us who use cannabis on a regular basis there is one day we all dread and that’s the day someone requests a drug test be completed. This could be an employer, insurance company or even court requested; it doesn’t matter who requested it if it’s a required test and you have been ingesting cannabis. Maybe you smoked marijuana or perhaps you’ve been smoking marijuana regularly, it doesn’t really matter now because you need to pass that test. The panic is now setting in as you realize what you are up against, but you don’t need to feel hopeless because there are ways to beat the drug test!

We highly recommend using drug testing strips before and after using any drug cleanse product or drug screening to make sure you are clear. Make sure you get the right kind of drug strips, and that they are from a reputable source. Tests are pretty cheap so I like to keep a bunch on hand just in case. If you want to know how to pass a drug test, this is step 1.

Here are is the best home drug testing kit for detecting cannabis in urine

Urine drug testing stripsHerbal Pre-Cleanse Detox Tablets – Check Current Price

We set out to find the truth about how to pass a drug test with just 24 hours’ notice. We explored the wives’ tales, urban legends, and science to find the best options for beating that pesky cannabis test. Many of the techniques we’ve explored do not work but we did find some options that did perform as advertised and would absolutely get your through a cannabis drug test without a problem.

THC can hang on in your system for up to 45 days after you’ve consumed. There are many factors that will determine how long it will take you to get clean. Every person is different but here are some of the factors that could affect the outcome when trying to :

  • Amount ingested
  • How often ingested
  • Type of Test – urine, blood, hair
  • Your diet and hydration
  • The amount of exercise you perform as well as the last time you exercised

How to pass a Drug Test

Pass Drug Testing If You Are a Heavy Cannabis User: Passing drug tests

If you are a regular smoker of cannabis you can expect that it will stay in your system for longer than someone who just took a hit a couple of times. How to pass a drug test depends on your habit.

There is no truly effective home solution to pass a urine test but there are products available on the market that will work 90 to 99% of the time.

The Only Guaranteed To Work Strap on/Synthetic Unrine Devices

If you absolutely have to pass a drug test no matter what my recommendation is going what I like to call the nuclear option. Using a strap-on device is virtually visually undetectable to anyone that may be watching your test. These devices use synthetic urine to pass the test and even provide a heating pouch so so your urine sample is even the right temperature.

This device is so certain to work the manufacturer provides a money back guarantee in this device. Whatever you do, practice a few times before you go into a drug testing situation so you are calm and certain to be able to use the device discreetly. If you ask me how to pass a drug test this is the option I would go with.

Beat Every Drug Test Incognio belt urine testSynthetic Urine and Delivery System – Check Current Price

Detoxification products that we Recommend:

Using detox products doesn’t carry a perfect success rate. You can expect it to work if you follow the directions closely and if you aren’t a heavy cannabis smoker. If you are a heavy user then you should opt for the synthetic urine device as it’s the only 100% sure way to pass all urine tests.

drug testing timing

 Instant Clean Add-it-ive

For a random drug testing you must have, Instant Clean Add-it-ive. This kit is used to prevent THC positive results in Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) tests. If you are going to be tested with an instant test kit (EMIT) type device this product will not work for you. Instead, use the Spike Urine Additive. If you want to know how to pass a drug test this is about 95% likely to work.

  • A solution for Random Situations
  • Destroys Herbal Toxins on Contact
  • Simple to Use – Just Pour into Sample
  • 8mL Micro Vial – Small & Easy to Conceal
  • Formulated for Herbal Toxins
  • Not Recommended for Drug Screens

This product is guaranteed to work, I’ve used this product successfully 3 times in the last 2 years and I’m a daily smoker of 1 to 2 grams per day.

Spike Additive™

SPIKE™ was created by scientists who spent thousands of hours doing lab research to create the smallest, most potent, undetectable urine purifier ever sold.

This product is fast dissolving, colorless, odorless and can’t be detected once added to urine. This product was created for passing the enzyme multiplied immunoassay test or EMIT test and not for accurate gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or GC/MS.

  • The Solution for Random EMIT test or test panel testing
  • Formulated to destroy ALL Toxins on Contact
  • Simple to Use – Just Pour into Sample
  • 5mL Micro Vial – Ultra Small & Easy to Conceal
  • Good for up to two tests
  • This product is effective for the EMIT TEST (immunoassay test/test panels) ONLY and should NOT be used for GC/MS also know as the confirmation test. Using this product on a GC/MS test may lead to a positive result.

This product is guaranteed to work, Again, I’ve used this product and tested it myself using instant EMIT home tests, it passed each time without an issue. How to pass a drug test depends on you following the directions of the product exactly.

Herbal Pre-Cleanse Detox Tablets

These tablets are taken on a regular basis to help prepare you for random drug testing. With regular doses of Herbal Pre-Cleanse Detox tablets, you can be prepared at any time for a drug test. This formula helps accelerate the elimination of drug toxins from your body.

One Shot Concentrate Detox Drink

This product is made from all-natural supplements and if the directions are followed it is guaranteed to help you remove drug traces from your urine. This product is good for up to 5 hours after taking. The apple flavored drink is small and tasty. The package also contains free Herbal Detox Capsules.

Herbal Clean QCarbo32

I’ve used this product several times and passed my urine tests each time. Get the classic power of QCarbo32 together with the Ultimate Strength Super Clean, WPretox. This is a one-two punch that will ensure that you have a clean result. This product is extra strength so it’s good for those of us who way more than 200 pounds as well. This product works and is cost effective.

How Urinalysis Works

You might be expected to take a drug test in any number of environments, it could be onsite testing where you are escorted to the washroom to give a test without warning; you’ll need to know how to pass a drug test. In this situation your employers have a lab technician come into your workplace to collect samples of all the employees. While this is a possibility, it is more likely that you will be tested off-site at a medical facility. If you are sent to a drug testing facility, you’ll likely be asked to empty your pockets and have a pat-down before giving your sample. You will also have to show your ID and then go to the testing area to give your sample.

Once you are done with your sample it could be tested immediately on the spot or it could be held for processing later. Sometimes several samples are taken over a period of time and then tested all at once at a later date. Whatever you do don’t be asking for the results of your drug test because this will raise suspicion with the people giving the test.

How to remove THC from my System

To understand how to remove THC from your body you must also understand where it is in your body. THC metabolites are absorbed into your bodies fat cells all over your body, this makes it hard to eliminate all the THC without having to work at it. Since the THC is located in fat cells the best method of removal is to go after those fat cells. This means regular exercise, drinking lots of water and a healthy diet. But being healthy isn’t going to solve your issue. You are going to need some sort of supplement that can be taken to more thoroughly wash the THC from your body.

Options that won’t work (home remedy)

Goldenseal & Niacin

Goldenseal which is an extremely bitter tasting herb has been thought to have the ability to remove THC drug metabolites from the bloodstream. It is believed that mixing Goldenseal with Niacin can flush the body free of toxins. Though both these supplements have medicinal values those values don’t include ridding the body of THC.

Cranberry Juice

There are many claims out there from people who say that drinking Cranberry juice has helped them pass a urine test. Cranberry Juice is a known diuretic which means it increases the amount of urine you pass. While this won’t greatly reduce the amount of THC you shed it could cause you to have an inconclusive test result which is not a good outcome. Cranberry just isn’t living up to the claims.


I’m not sure who would be silly enough to do this, but bleach is a possible method of masking THC from a drug test. Bleach can eliminate trace amounts of THC from your system but who do you get the bleach into your sample? This method is very unlikely to work. If you try to add bleach directly to the sample, you’ll likely be caught from the smell of the bleach. If you ingest the bleach it could kill you or injure yourself internally. At best you’ll end up with an inconclusive test which won’t help you.


Apple Cider vinegar has been known as a detox agent for many years. This remedy has many health benefits when used in small amounts. To clear your system of THC you would need to drink plenty of vinegar multiple times a day for at least a week. The worst part is that it could likely remove the THC from your sample but your samples acidity from all that vinegar could cause your sample to be voided and then require another test. It just isn’t a safe solution.

Certo or Surejell

Certo and Surejell are a type of fruit pectin which is a fibrous substance. These products are normally used for making jam and jelly preserves. For this remedy, you mix a full packet of one of these products in a gallon of water and drink it quickly. This will remove the THC from your stomach lining and pass it through your bowels. This method likely works but the effectiveness of the mixture is short lived. You would need to know exactly when your urine test is and be able to prepare and drink this entire gallon of the mixture right before you went for your test. Though this option could work you would likely not have the window of time needed before your test.

Ginger Tea Made from Ginger root

There are people who believe that drinking ginger tea, at least a gallon before a drug screening, can cause a negative drug test. This claim hasn’t been proven and it’s very unlikely to be true. This option is essentially just drinking lots of water and hoping for the best. It’s really not something you would want to rely on. Though Ginger tea is very good for you, it’s not good at removing THC from your system

Creatine Pills

Creatine cannot remove THC from the body or clear it from your urine. People that use creatine to try to pass a drug test would also need to drink at least a gallon of water along with the supplement, Vitamin B12 would also need to be added to color your urine. Drinking all that water is going to dilute your urine leaving it clear so the B12 will add some color back to your sample. Though I’ve heard people have passed with this method I would not risk my livelihood on it.


Another popular method for passing a urine test is to use a Zinc supplement 2 to 4 hours before your test. You will also need to hydrate and abstain from smoking more cannabis. If the company testing your urine doesn’t test for Zinc in their samples, then this option will work. How do you know if they test for Zinc though? I still wouldn’t risk my livelihood on this method.

Naturally Kleen Herbal Tea

A detox product that used to work with Naturally Kleen Herbal Tea. You would mix up a full gallon of tea and drink it slowly right up until you go to your urine test. You needed to hope there wasn’t a lineup or you would be suffering from a bladder full of tea. You cannot go pee until you are being tested.

I would recommend this Tea if you could find it at a store somewhere. These days it doesn’t seem to be available at all the health food places I’ve checked.


Taking a sauna for 10-15 minutes can help rid the body of any unwanted toxins. While you are in the sauna you should drink a gallon of water if possible to replace the sweat that will come pouring out of you. While this method is a real and successful method of detoxing the body, it will not detox the body of THC, but it will defiantly help.

lemon juice

Lemon juice won’t do anything but give you a  pucker. The acid in the lemon can work similarly to vinegar meaning that it’s likely going to screw up the test results and require another drug test.

How to Remove Cannabis from your Body Naturally


Water is defiantly an important part of THC cleansing, but it can’t do anything on its own. It does sound logical that drinking lots of water will clean your system, but it won’t. You would need to drink more water than would be possible to drink before you even came close to cleaning the THC from your system. This would leave two more issues:

  • You will need to pee so bad that you won’t be able to wait until your test
  • Your urine will be so watered down that they will deem the sample to be diluted and require another test at a later date.

Since leafy greens are high in fiber and contain vitamins A, C, and K, you should be eating them anyways. So, while you use them strategically to pass your pee test, you are also giving your body helpful nutrients. Eating leafy greens is recommended by health professionals worldwide.

Clean Up Your Diet of Junk Food and Red Meat

If you have an upcoming drug test, you’ll want to cut out fattening foods. Since THC metabolites stick to fat cells you’ll want to avoid fattening foods. This will help prevent you from taking on more THC. I hate to break this to you, but fast food is the number 1 no. Most fast food is prepared in oil and fats, so you need to have some willpower and avoid those foods while you are trying to clean your system.

If you’re trying to get clean for that upcoming urine drug test, you want to cut out specific foods. Since THC metabolites stick to fat cells, you want to minimize the number of fatty foods you eat. Some foods are worse than others, but there are a select few that simply must be avoided. Another thing you are going to have to let go of is red meat. Since red meat is hard to digest, THC metabolites tend to stick to it, I know not a lot of good news here. You are going to have to eat and stay clean before your test so be strong.


More bad news for those looking to pass THC tests, fiber is part of the equation! Eating health fiber on a regular basis helps move things along in your body and that goes for detoxing as well. The effect on its own is not enough to get you a clean test but it will sure help in conjunction with any of the recommended detox methods above.

Eat lots of healthy fiber from beans, peas, berries, mango, broccoli, avocados and Brussel sprouts are all good options. Additionally, you can add flax seed to just about anything you eat to give it that extra punch of fiber.

Diuretics the Big Flush

Many people believe that diuretics which are oils that make you urinate more frequently can help you pass a cannabis drug test. The same goes for other diuretics such as cranberry juice. While diuretics will help flush your system of THC it is unlikely you will be successful. You would need to drink at least a gallon of juice or water, and that alone won’t remove THC from your body.

Diuretics if taken in too large a dose can lead to liver damage or even death so don’t mess around with this.

Healthy Diets

Again, I hate to be the one to say this, but a healthy diet can increase the chances of you passing a drug test, I’m sorry but it’s true. Healthy diets containing less fat intake and increased fibrous foods, both options will help rid your body of THC that’s clinging on to your fat cells for dear life.

You are going to need to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, these foods are super low in fat and high in fiber, and yes not a lot of fun. You’ll need to be dedicated to your clean diet if you want to pass that test.

Whatever you do avoid heavy foods such as beef and pork as these foods will take your body more time and effort to digest which will help your body hold on to those naughty THC metabolites.

Pass Drug Tests The Day of the Test Arrives

So, the dreaded day is here, it’s time to take the test you’ve been dreading. Follow these tips to improve your chances of passing your drug test.

  • Eat a good, healthy breakfast.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Check the color of your urine. If it is too clear, try taking b12 supplements.
  • Do not exercise. (Very important)
  • When providing your sample use urine from “mid-stream”. Don’t use the urine from the start of your stream as this will contain more toxins.

Substitute Urine

If you know you’re going to fail your test you can bring in what I like to call a substitute pisser. You can’t actually bring someone else to pee in the cup for you, but you could collect a clean sample from someone and bring it along as your sample.

This is not a trouble-free option as some drug testing facilities require their proctors to watch the sample being taken. If you have someone watching, it will be hard to sneak the outside sample. The other issues are trying to get a clean sample, who to get it from, who to ask? Believe me, it’s a whole bunch of fun.

Your other option is synthetic urine. Yes, there is synthetic urine produced for just this reason. You can buy passable synthetic urine from several places, mostly online. This is a viable option, but you could still run into issues with delivery of the sample if you have someone assigned to witness the collection. This is where the extreme foolproof option comes into play. We talked about it earlier and it’s the prosthetic penis rig. The penis comes with synthetic urine ready to go and anyone watching will be none-the-wiser as they will be able to see the penis providing the sample. At a distance, there is no way they will notice it is a fake penis.  Remember the extreme kit even comes with a way to keep the urine heated to the correct collection temperature. You just can’t go wrong with this method. It’s a commitment but it works.

False Positive

There are several ways you can fail a drug test by accident. Here is a list of known triggers to avoid before a drug test:

Poppy Seeds. These can trigger a positive for opiates, so it’s wise to go without.
Advil (ibuprofen). This common pain reliever can trigger a positive for marijuana.
Tonic water. If you drink a lot of tonic water the night before, you can test positive for opiates.
Protonix. This prescription heartburn medication can easily trigger a positive for THC.

If you have a drug test coming up, you need to take it seriously. You aren’t just magically going to pass that test. You need to get clean immediately and start on a clean diet. Your next move will be deciding which of the recommended detox methods you will use. If you use one of the methods mentioned above as well as get your diet cleaned up for a decent amount of time you should be good to go. If you are going to fail a test and need to pass there is always the extreme option which works every time.

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