Mars Hydro Mars600 Led Grow Light

Last updated: June 16, 2022 at 9:15 am

The Mars Hydro Mars600 Led Grow Light was designed perfectly for a small grow tents. As usual with LED there isn’t a massive electricity power draw or massive amounts of heat generated by the unit. Indoor gardeners will be happy to know that the LEDs in this grow light are rated for 100,000 hours which means you will likely upgrade to a larger lamp before you ever have any issues with the MarsHydro Mars600 Led Grow Light.

MarsHydro Mars600 Led Grow Light

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Mars Hydro Mars600 Led Grow lights information

The led panel measures 17 inches long by 11 inches wide, and it’s 3 inches thick. The Mars Hydro Mars600 Led Grow Light unit emits a purplish light with a coverage area of 2.5×2 feet for Vegetating and 2×1.5 feet for flowering. You will need to change the height of the unit to focus its energy directly on the indoor plant.

Hang the led lights 24 to 30 inches above your soil when you are sprouting seeds. In the vegetative stage, keep the light at 24 to 18 inches above your plants. To encourage flowering, lower the led lights down to 12 to 24 inches above your cannabis plants.

Power and grow lights full spectrum led

Unlike many of the LED grow systems on the market today this MarsHydro system uses 5Watt Epistar red and blue LEDs. Most systems in this price and you 2 or 3Watt LEDs. These LEDs produce a full spectrum of light which provides your plants with every bit of energy they need to grow healthy buds. You will need to use a white light to view your plants as the purple hue cast by the LEDs makes it hard to see how green your plants are. This means the led lights have a par value which is perfect for cannabis growing both vegetation and flowering stages.

The Mars Hydro Mars600 Led Grow Light creates only 56 dB of noise from its two fans which is a quitter than a conversation over dinner. It draws just 2.488A of current on 110V, or 1.234A on 220V, and consumes about 280W of power. The low electricity use will help you stay under the radar and as well save you loads of money. Growing cannabis with indoor growing has never been easier with another lighting system.

The Mars Hydro Mars600 Led Grow Light grow light is designed to have LEDs angled at 90 degrees and other angled at 120 degrees. This helps the small light produce a bigger intensity footprint for your growing area. The wavelengths supported are as follows: 430 to 440 nanometers (nm), 450-475nm, 620-630nm, and 650-660nm. This means you have good coverage for plants from seedling to a flower plant.

Power: The Mars Hydro Mars600 led lights work on a wide range of electrical setups, from 50 to 60Hz and 85 to 265V. MarsHydro offers the appropriate plug for your geographic location—just let them know which one you want.

The Final Word:

This grow light offers the extra boost your cannabis plants need without the price you would expect. The red/blue light spectrum this unit provides will greatly improve your grow and plant health.


Warranty Information

2 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee


  • Only uses the energy of a 300w led grow light
  • Superior Blue, Red and IR spectrums
  • 5-watt LEDs
  • Perfect to grow any indoor plant
  • Higher than average PAR value
  • Never mess around with grow bulbs again
  • led lights for indoor gardeners perfect for cannabis growing
  • Your plant’s growth will be extreme because of the grow lights full spectrum
  • Perfect for grow tents


  • Not a true full spectrum
  • May require additional reflective surfaces on walls or around lights for full foliage coverage
  • The unit is ideal for only a 2×1.5 flowering area

Would we recommend this light for growing cannabis?

Yes, we would recommend the MarsHydro Mars600 Led Grow Light to weed growers. It’s a solid performer with great value and quality for the price. MarsHydro is also known for their good customer support.

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