Mars Hydro Reflector Led Lights

Last updated: July 14, 2018 at 20:41 pm

We are always excited when a LED lights manufacturer sends us a system to test out. We recently received the MarsHydro Reflector LED Grow Light. It’s a pleasure to have been able to test out the MarsHydro as we haven’t had any budget grow lights to review recently. Of course, we love the high-end products but we are providing a guide here for all grower’s beginner to experienced.

When the box arrived, it felt heavy and I thought to myself that was a good sign that this grow light should be of decent quality. Everything you needed to start was in the box which is great. The only thing I couldn’t find was a manual which they do not include. Not that big of a deal as the setup is very straightforward. This unit is designed to make indoor growing a snap.

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The setup when surprisingly well. Two quality hangers which we used to set up the unit.  It was nice not to have to buy a set of hangers.

One issue we had was that when you switched to the “flower” setting the lighting system burned our plants a little bit. I should have raised the light up higher in the expectation that the flower setting might provide more power then I was expecting. Not a big deal but beginners should know that they need to be careful when switching to flower mode. Some instructions would have been nice, especially for a beginner grower. This unit can use daisy chaining to add more power to your growing cannabis.

As with other led lights, this unit didn’t put off much heat while on the vegetation setting. When we switched it to Flower it did increase the heat a bit. The built-in fan did its job and kept the actual unit at a decently low temperature. The MarsHydro Reflector Led lights also used very little electricity.

The Final Word:

Mars Hydro Reflector LED Grow Light unit isn’t one I would use for my main grow. But for a cost-effective backup, it would be great. As well beginners could start with this unit while they save for a more powerful unit. For a budget system, the MarsHydro checks all the boxes you would expect it too. Your plant’s growth will be exceptional.

Warranty Information

2-year extensive warranty with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • High PAR value
  • perfect for grow tents
  • great for indoor plant/indoor gardeners
  • Full lighting spectrum
  • Never change another grow bulbs
  • Low power draw
  • Advanced led technology, led panel


  • Not a true full spectrum

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