MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light

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MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light grow light is going head to head with brands like Vviparspectra Reflectorseries and Mars Hydro. It can replace a 450W HID high-intensityy discharge) lamp of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) and save you money in the process. You won’t find a better plant grow light with a full spectrum of lighting available.

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Full-spectrum LED grow light

The MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light panel is a full-spectrum LED grow light solution which includes environmental controls. It can bea full spectrum of lighting because it contains all of the colors of light needed by plants to grow them from seedlings to budding beauties. The MEIZHI R450 contains LEDs that shine as blue (450-475nm), green (620-630nm), red (650-660nm), infrared (730nm) and white (5500-6500K). Some additional drivers are IR or infrared which aren’t visible but are necessary to the health of your plants. This led panel represents the top level for growing systems which is perfect for indoor plants to grow. Cannabis growing has never been easier for indoor gardeners.

Unlike the HIP lighting systems, the MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light replaces they can be placed very close to your plants without burning or bleaching your plants. This again is since LED grow lights don’t generate wasted light and heat and only provide the exact light lengths that your plants need to thrive. The MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light acutally puts out closer to 600w led grow light and will make your plants grow even in indoor growing.

The manual states that the MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light should be hung between 30 and 18 inches from your plants. I would recommend starting at 18 inches and closely monitoring your plants for signs of stress. If your plants are happy then leave the light unit at 18 inches which will maximize the units PAR value. Be sure to check your grow space often to check for burning or bleaching of your cannabis plants.

Stronger PAR than similar LEDs

PAR, or photosynthetically active radiation, is the way to measure the intensity of the light falling on your plants. The MEIZHI R450 Reflector Series has a PAR rating of 779umol where as many other brands of similar costs have a PAR value of under 600. A rating of 600 PAR or higher is fantastic for growing cannabis plants from seedling to bloom. This led technology us perfect for bringing plants from vegetation and flowering to buds.

Don’t be tricked by companies advertising their LED lights power abilities in Watts or lumens, those are irrelevant terms when it comes to LED grow lighting. The important measurement is PAR. These led grow light panels are designed speciffically for indoor plant cannabis growing.

Extremely bright for its size and daisy-chainable

The incredible power generated by the MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light comes from the 90 Eoistar 5-Watt LED chips which are inserted at 120-degree angels to concentrate light on your grow area. This allows you the room to raise loads of seedlings at once or up to 4 full grown flowering plants depending of course on how your plants are trained and their strains.

The panel is designed for daisy chaining. You can link two or three of the same lights together to cover a larger space. That way you can run them all off the same timer or controller.

Efficient to save money on power bills

The R450 only uses 195-Watts of electricity while powering it’s 90 5_watt LEDs. This light does run hotter than others we’ve tested but it does contain built in heat syncs and fans. You will need a full ventilation system and fans in grow space to ensure your plants don’t over heat from this light.

When set for the vegetative stage the MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light turns on about two thirds of its usable LEDs including blue, yellow, white plus a little red. This is the ultimate mix for seedlings and vegetation. When the grow switch is flipped to “flower” the rest of the lights are turned on including much more red light. This mix provides the power and color wavelengths needed for the flowering stage to generate great sticky buds.

Other interesting specifications

The R450 panel measures 15.7 by 8.3 by 2.8 inches and weighs less than 8 pounds. The height of the light allows for more growth height within confined areas like a gorilla grow tent or closets. The unit includes a proper hanging kit and power cord so it comes with everything you need to install and start using the system right out of the box.

Warranty Information

If you have an issue with your system MEIZHI accepts returns unconditionally up to 30 days after purchase. Then they make free repairs within the first three months and pay-

The Final Word:

MEIZHI Reflector-Series R450 450W LED Grow Light works well and with features like bright LEDs, tunable light bands and brightness you just can’t go wrong. You’ll also notice major positive reviews for this light on Amazon if my word isn’t enough.



Full lighting spectrum
Very Thin Unit
High PAR value
Perfect for grow tents
240w led grow light actual power consumption
Advanced led technology for vegetation and flowering


Not a true full spectrum
Runs warmer than expected
Shorter warranty period than others tested

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