Northern Lights Auto: An Old Strain on Steroids!

Northern Lights Auto is an extremely famous strain created in the 1970’s in the United States. Its genetics are Afghani in origin based on Indica descendants. NL made its way to Holland in the 1980’s and quickly became the standard strain for indoor growing. Since then many companies have made their own take on the classic by mixing its genetics and selective breeding techniques. These tweaks of its genetics have led to the development of this strain — on steroids!

Auto means that the plant will automatically flower when it reaches about 30 days after the seedling sprouts. Auto isn’t the first choice of experienced growers because it does tend to yield less than the standard cannabis strain. Beginners and intermediate growers will love this auto strain because this strain has been undergoing a lot of changes in the last couple of years. Not only is this strain available in auto-flowering, but its genetics have also been improved in such a way that the plant’s yield and THC potency is close to that of the regular NL strain.

Northern Lights Auto

NLA grows large dense packed buds which are covered in glistening frosty crystals. Outdoors, you can expect about 200 g yield while indoors you will see around 120 g. Grown indoors under intense LED’s you can increase that indoor yield to around 150 g. That’s a ton of bud from a plant that stands around 90 cm tall.

NLA is auto-flowering and feminized so that growers don’t have to worry about sexing and discarding male cannabis plants. This strain is perfect growing indoors and outdoors with a harvest time of about 10 weeks from a seedling. This strain is suitable to grow in most climates and under most types of grow lights.

This auto strain continues its classic properties as the plants grow fast and produce little odor when growing indoors. Their auto flower buds have a sweet fragrant aroma and provide an intense high — thanks to its thick sticky coating of trichomes.

Northern Lights Auto: Buy Seeds Safely Online

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I buy all my cannabis seeds from these two companies. I generally buy about 50 seeds a year for scratch grows when I don’t grow from clones. You can’t go wrong buying from either of these two companies. They will replace missing orders and help you along the way if you need it.

Northern Lights Auto  Click Here To Safely Buy Northern Auto Seeds Online northern lights auto


Northern Lights Auto  Click Here To Safely Buy NL Auto Seeds Online


BOUQUET Hazy, sweet and musky.
EFFECTS Even though Northern Lights Auto is Indica based it provides the user with a high but active buzz that is creative and energetic.
PLANT TYPE Indica, Ruderalis
GENETICS Lowryder x Northern_Lights
THC RANGE High 16%
SEX Feminized
CLIMATE Cool / Cold, Temperate / Continental, Sunny / Mediterranean
OUTDOOR YIELD 100 – 200 g/plant
INDOOR YIELD 90 – 120cm

Choose the Right Auto Strain for you:


cannabis seeds auto

Generally, you will find that the Indica strain will create a relaxing feeling, which can end up in a couch lock. Its overall cerebral effect is relaxing and mellow while allowing the user to be active if they choose to be. The medicinal properties of the Indica strain are commonly used to treat sleeping issues, aches and pains, and diseases, such as Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.


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Sativa is almost like the opposite of Indica. I find Indica to be heavier and mellow. Sativa, on the other hand, is uplifting and stimulating. To me, Sativa is my daytime medicine. I can still work, be alert and creative without feeling drowsy or crashing. The Sativa strain medicinal benefits include benefits to people suffering from behavioral issues, such as stress, depression, and ADHD.


northern auto

Hybrid strains combine the genetics of both Indica and Sativa through some magical genetic modifications. Whichever strain is dominant in the hybrid will dictate the medicinal effects. Indica dominant strains are more mellow and calming while Sativa strains will be more alert.

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Why grow auto-flowers?

There is a load of good reasons why beginners should choose auto-flower strains such as NL. Autos are small, stealthy, fast growing, and produce good yields. These are resistant to mold and pests. Auto-flowering seeds can also thrive under unstable or shortened light exposure, which makes them great for growing outdoors in most climates and indoors under any type of grow light.

For beginner growers, the possibilities available to you today are virtually endless. You have access to strains that require much less intervention from the grower and still provide a plethora of strain options to grow. Beginners benefit from the forgiving nature of these tenacious breeds of cannabis.

Autoflower Females vs Males

Regular cannabis seeds (non-feminized) are either male or female, it is a 50/50-coin toss that cannot be manipulated in unmodified seeds. It is because of this terrible male to female ratio that has led a whole industry into creatively breeding and genetically modifying seeds to take control of their basic genetic instructions.

If seeds are feminized by a proper seed company, you end up with seeds that produce 99% female plants. Wow! That means no more searching for and tossing out male plants before they destroy your precious buds.

Northern Lights strains are the holy grail of auto-flowering seeds due to their ability to grow fast> These are high THC level buds that will make you feel great! Northern Lights Autoflowering is an easy growing strain of cannabis.

Germinating Your NL Auto Seeds in Two Easy Steps

Why NL Auto is perfect for you

Looking way back to 1985 when the original Northern Lights was first introduced in Holland as a production quality strain it became wildly popular with cannabis smokers. It’s Indica roots produced amazing long potent THC content with a balanced uplifting and relaxing effect on the smoker. As you smoke this strain you’ll taste the sweet earthy smoke and experience its rather pungent smell.

Auto-flowering Northern Lights brings all the famous qualities of the original strain while combining the genetics of Ruderalis to create a very easy to grow auto seed. The plants can reach 120cm outdoors and grow seed to flower in 12 weeks.

For an auto-flower strain, Northern can produce up to 200g per plant outdoors of amazing smelling resin coated buds. This hearty plant does well indoors and out and grows in most conditions. All this makes this strain the perfect plant for beginners and intermediate growers.

NL Auto is the perfect strain for relaxing and chilling, but I find that the uplifting buzz it creates is also creative and productive. Its high THC potency makes it a great medicinal strain and is great for migraines, arthritis, stress, pain and so much more.

The original strain has some easy to grow competition with the introduction of NL Auto. It will simply provide powerful cannabis with great yields. You just can’t go wrong growing this strain.

Northern Lights Auto is a Cannabis Cup winner and a crowd favorite at many competitions. You really can’t get wrong growing this easy to grow auto-flower. No muss, no fuss, no fancy skills needed to grow this bad boy.

northern light auto

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other auto-flowering cannabis seeds available?

Yes, there are many auto-flowering cannabis strains available such as northern lights automatic, sour diesel, white shark, Purple Kush, Blueberry Autoflower, train wreck, Haze Auto, amnesia haze, super silver haze and white widow as a few examples.

Is it safe to buy wholesale cannabis seeds online and have them shipped to my home?

Of course, it’s safe! Very few orders ever get stopped and if they do reputable seed companies like the ones I’ve talked about will provide guaranteed delivery which means they’ll send out a replacement order if the first one goes missing. All shipments are sent with stealth shipping and stealth packaging to keep the whole transaction discreet!

Do you show us how to grow these seeds?

We sure do! Germination instructions are simple and easy to follow for any beginner.

Are NL Auto plants easy to grow

This strain is very good for beginner growers and grows indoors or out in most conditions.

How much bud production can I expect

Outdoor 200grams per plant shouldn’t be an issue and indoors about 140grams.

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