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Blue+Yellow online cannabis dispensary is a premium option for fast access to top-shelf cannabis, edibles and concentrates. If you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a regular old pothead Blue+Yellow dispensary offers a large variety of AAAA bud as well as fantastic AA and AAA cannabis for the budget-conscious.

This dispensary sets itself apart from others by providing a massive selection of cannabis products all in one easy and secure place. Blue+Yellow has been operating as a MOM in British Columbia for many years, allowing them to have perfected their supply chain and delivery process. This allows this dispensary to provide high-quality products at prices on average 30% less than government dispensaries.

Blue+Yellow offers a great selection of edibles and concentrates that you can’t access anywhere other than BC currently.

I’ve tested multiple orders and products from this dispensary and have been 100% satisfied each time. Expect your shipment to reach you in 2 to 3 business days. Blue+Yellow offers a delivery guarantee. If your product is lost in shipment, they will replace your order for free.

Standard shipping on orders under $99 is just $15 anywhere in Canada and above $99 you’ll get free shipping!


Blue+Yellow is known to provide top-quality AAAA medical cannabis, edibles and concentrate products. Their secure online shop is easy to use, and you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in a click or two.  Don’t worry this dispensary provides access to a wide selection of quality budget options.

This dispensary is a personal favorite of mine and I order from them on a regular basis. I come back again and again for their ever-changing collection of super high-quality shatter. While it isn’t cheap starting at $50 per gram, the product is super-premium; distilled at a medical quality facility, making it a pure and potent product as I’ve ever partaken. While I’m not rich and can’t afford to smoke $50 shatter on a regular basis it sure is a nice treat. The products are worth every dime.

This order was delivered on July 18th, 2019 and arrived perfectly in discreet and smell proof packaging. My order which arrived in just two business days contained 3.5 grams of MK Ultra shatter and 14 grams of Rockstar Kush.

MK Ultra which is one of my favorite Indica-dominant strains so when I can find it in shatter form I have to jump at it. The strain is named after a secret CIA mind control program in the 1960s, and the name really suits because as I sit here writing this review, I’m blasted out of my head and feel completely zoned. I’m creative and able to work but I’m truly blasted out of my head after about a quarter gram of this MK Ultra Shatter.

The strain is a cross of OG Kush Sativa and G13 Indica genetics and is famous for winning the cannabis cup several times in the Indica category.

I also grabbed some Blackberry Haze which tops out at 24 MG of THC. This strain is a quad that I downright fell in love with. The terpenes are incredibly preserved by the painstaking hand trim the buds received. As soon as I took the first pull from my vaporizer, I could taste the amazing blueberry flavor with a sight sweet/earthy flavor. The blackberry flavor is unmistakeable.

This Sativa is strong and not for beginners. I found the buzz to be hard and heady and it intensified over about 10 minutes after taking a good hit. The draw was smooth and not harsh at all.


You can feel confident that Blue+Yellow is a secure and credible dispensary. I’m a satisfied return customer and there are many others who have provided great reviews as well. Their live customer service chat on their website was swift and helpful. These people know their products so feel free to reach out and talk to these people before you order.

Free shipping over $99 is a great deal and delivery to Ontario in just 3 days. Save 30% or more off Ontario dispensaries.

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