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For me the process of growing cannabis is relaxing, a challenge to savor as you coax life from fragile tiny plants in the hopes that one day they will produce a few pounds of bud. I’m always excited for flowering to finish up and for harvesting to begin; after all your hard work you can see the finish line just ahead. Then it happens, the realization that your plants have performed well and delivered you a bumper crop of cannabis, good right? Well, this is when it hits you that you must trim and process all that bud, a painstaking process that will challenge your mind as you try to stay focused on the task at hand while your hand aches from operating your manual scissors.

Trimming Buds is long tedious work: But not with the Trim Daddy Hand Held Plant Trimmer

Processing or trimming cannabis bud is an art form as well as a chore. Hand trimming provides the best quality finished bud because the flower is handled less which prevents trichomes from breaking off or rupturing, spilling out their sticky goodness. There are industrial processing machines and home trimming bowls that will trim your bud, but they’ll also bruise your buds. Bruised buds are a real thing, it’s created when automated machinery tosses the buds around and rubs their hard processing surfaces up against the delicate flowers. It doesn’t outright lower the THC content but rather makes the flower more pleasing to the eye. You know, and I know looks are everything when it comes to cannabis buds. You want a nice clean trim that doesn’t cause damage to the structure of the buds while leaving behind a minimum of leaf material.

handheld bud trimmers
electric scissors for trimming weed

The Time for hand held trimmers is here, Trim your marijuana plant like a Pro with the Trim Daddy Bud Trimming Machine

So, in a perfect world how would you trim buds with automation that doesn’t damage the structure of the flower? Someone has already thought of this and solved the problem for you. I’m extremely happy to be talking about the Trim Daddy 2.0 Automatic hand trimmer. This bad boy is powerful like a hand tool but can gently trim the nooks and crannies of cannabis buds while not disturbing or destroying the adjacent bud material. Once you’ve got 30 minutes to an hour of experience under your belt using the Trim Daddy you’ll be able to fly through the otherwise tedious task of trimming your crop.

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What’s the big deal about hand-held trimmers: Why the Trim-daddy hand-held Plant Trimmer Saves Time and Money.

Plain and simple hand-held bud trimmer automation saves time and time is just like money. The more time it takes you to trim your crop the higher the cost in effort, or if you are paying someone to help you the cost will be monetary. The holy grail of automation is a balance between quality and efficiency while not damaging your product.

How does quality come into play when talking about automated trimming? There are four criteria to judge a trimmers ability to trim cannabis.

  • Clean removal of leaf material from bud
  • Sculpting the bud with bud trimmer
  • Amount of damage to trichomes caused by trimming
  • Speed

All trimming whether automated or manual cause some damage to the trichome glands, the magic is to reduce the amount of damage while maximizing the amount of leaf material that can be removed from a bud. It’s a fine balance to achieve especially when you are dealing with a handled electric trimmer. These handheld trimmers operate at very high speeds and can mangle your buds in just seconds if you use the wrong brand of handheld bud trimmer.

The bud trimmer itself needs to very powerful to quickly drive the stainless steel cutting blades even when under strain and covered in sticky resin, it also needs to do this for 8 to 10 hours at a time without overheating or breaking down.

Trim Daddy Bud Trimmer
fully automated marijuana trimming machine

How fast is the Trim Daddy Hand Held Trimmer at Trimming Plant Bud?

The Trim Daddy automatic hand-held trimmer is lightning fast once you get used to it. After a little practice, I was able to trim 3 pounds of bud in 1 hour. That would have taken me 6 or more hours by hand. The maker of the Trim Daddy states that they can trim up to 5 pounds an hour with a Trim Daddy and I believe it based on my testing. The Trim Daddy comes with two different sized high carbon stainless steel blades which will help you deal with smaller or larger bud sizes.

Even while you fly through your buds the trimmer always felt in control, unlike other marijuana trimmers I’ve tested before. This plant trimmer really shines as the best handheld trimmer available on the market today.

Wet or Dry Marijuana Trimmer That is Miles Above other Hand Held Bud Trimmer on The Market?

Do you prefer to dry trim or wet trim your cannabis? There are two schools of thought about why one way is better than the other. The good news is we don’t even need to get into that discussion because the Trim Daddy 2.0 can trim dry or wet. Say What? I said it, it doesn’t matter at all if you want to trim dry or wet. The hand-held bud trimmer doesn’t have an issue chopping its way through wet sticky buds or dealing with dry delicate buds.

A Professional Grade Tool: Marijuana Trimmer that Leaves Other Hand Held Trimmers in the Dirt

The Trim Daddy marijuana trimmer isn’t a gimmick tool, this is a perfectly designed and engineered professional grade tool. The motor has been specially designed to be a brushless motor, like those in Dyson Vacuums. This allows the trimmer to operate at high speeds for 8 hours or more without overheating. A brushless motor won’t wear out when loads are applied to it like a traditional electric motor. This trimmer is rated to last 10,000 hours so you know you are buying a quality trimmer. There is simply no other handheld bud trimmers that can perform up to the Trim Daddy plant trimmer.

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Finally a Hand Held Trimmer for Bud That Will Last: The Trim-Daddy Handheld Trimmer

Another remarkable achievement of the Trim Daddy 2.0 marijuana trimmer is having a computer control the motor, this means the drive unit can increase or decrease the energy used at the blade based on the amount of resistance the trimmer is experiencing. This simple technology advancement allows the drive motor to last longer and use less electricity. No other trimmer on the market features a brushless motor.

Professional Features:

  • brushless motor for a long life-time of heavy use
  • lightweight and agile while being comfortable
  • high carbon stainless steel blades
  • two-speed control pack

This Bud Trimmer Has Powerful but Accurate Blades to trim buds

The high carbon stainless steel blades are designed to hold their sharpness even after 1000’s of hours of trimming bud. The unique double blade tip design allows for very accurate hand trimming all over the bud’s surfaces. Don’t think of the Trim Daddy as an electric scissor rather an electric sculpting tool, that’s the kind of control you have over your trim even when the blade is moving at a dizzying speed. When I first started handling the trimmer unit I was timid around the blades, but I found that with a little practice I became confident quickly and felt no extreme danger from the moving blades.

Trim Daddy Review Handheld Bud Trimmers

Using the Trim Daddy 2.0 Hand Held Bud Trimmer

Holding the trimmer unit is comfortable in your hand and feels light and balanced. The short cutting profile of the handheld bud trimmer means your operating hand is very close to the blade action giving you excellent control over the tips of the blades and where they cut. As you draw the blades up and down your buds lightly the shape of the bud seems to almost be guiding your hand along. The blade gives great user feedback to your hand, you can feel when the unit is trimming and when you’re missing the plant matter.

I found it very easy to dig into buds to remove deep-lying leaves without tearing the whole bud apart. I did find it challenging to carve small buds and tended to butcher them or just trim them right off the stem unintentionally.

hand held bud trimmers

Switching between speeds was very easy with the control panel located between the power cord and the trimming unit. I did find it felt more natural to trim on the higher speed setting.

Even with the menacing looking blades chomping just inches from your fingers I always felt in control enough of the cutting head that I wouldn’t injure myself.  The stick-free handling glove that is provided in the kit is extremely handy. It allows you to handle your bud easily without it sticking to your hands.

hand held trimmer

With the Trim Daddy 2.0 hand held bud trimmer, you get their patented brushless motor along with two double cutting blades and an incredible non-stick handling glove. The power unit that controls the trimmer has two-speed settings “High” and “Low” to allow for different trimming styles. All of this comes in a nice carrying case which makes storing and keeping track of the unit a snap!

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Trim Daddy Conclusion:

I’m shocked that there is a professional grade “hand sculptor” tool available that is effective, easy to use and so fast. This hand held bud trimmer is the Apple iPhone X of electric bud trimmers but with a Nokia price tag.

I was amazed at how natural the marijuana trimmer felt in my hand and how fast I gobbled up the learning curve. The hand trimmer is fun to use and makes trimming a pleasure. Being able to trim up to five pounds of bud an hour is incredible, being able to enjoy that hour is priceless.

The high-quality build and design are much better than the EZ Trim, Trim R Matic, and the Speedee Trim which really impressed me. This unit is a workhorse and is meant to trim through anything you can throw at it.

If you are looking for a plant trimmer to save time you should definitely be looking at the Trim Daddy hand held bud trimmer.

Hand Held Trimmer PROS
  • speed up the processing cannabis
  • Works on wet or dry cannabis
  • Super quality construction
Hand Held Trimmer CONS
  • The handle gets warm after heavy use
  • Not the best for small sized buds

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