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Cannabis legalization and decriminalization look like they are here to say, if not continue to grow to include more countries and states every year. Many new smokers of cannabis have never smoked a joint in their lives and they aren’t looking to start. That’s why portable and desktop dry herb vaporizers were invented. Vaporizers are unique in the way they function because they don’t burn the cannabis. A vaporizer heats up cannabis to the point where the beneficial chemicals are released as vapor. This is very different from smoking cannabis. When smoking you actually combust the cannabis which releases and creates many other chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic. New smokers don’t have to get used to actually smoking cannabis which can be much harsher for a beginner smoker.

More Benefits of Using Herbal Vaporizers

Cannabis is anything but cheap and with legalization coming to a town near you soon, you should expect the cost to go up not down as governments slash their cut from the cost of cannabis. People who happen to use vaporizers to smoke their cannabis are in luck though because dry herb vaporizers are much more efficient and help to conserve your cannabis. Clinical studies that have been conducted show that vaporizing THC from cannabis using a vaporizer is 90% efficient at removing the THC while smoking cannabis yields just 50-80% of the THC, much of which is lost as it is burned.

Different Types Of Dry Herb Vaporizers

There are two main types of vaporizers desktop and portable. Each option has its own positive and negative attributes. Desktop vaporizers are larger and can hold more cannabis, they also include options like push air assist to allow you to fill up bags with THC vapor to enjoy at your leisure.  Desktop units need to be plugged into a wall outlet and are large in size. Portable vaporizers are portable, discreet and battery operated. Though these portable vaporizers can only hold a small amount of dry herb at once they do heat up very quickly and provide an excellent smoking experience. Desktop units are generally more expensive then portable vaporizers unless you look at the highest quality portable.

Most vaporizers desktop or portable use 375-degree Fahrenheit as their default or only temperature setting. While some systems will allow you to adjust the temperature of your vaporizer some won’t allow this. Most units come with a digital temperature control these days. Why would you want to run at a different temperature? Personal preference will dictate where you take the temperature too. Lower temperatures will bring out the more pleasant flavors and essence of your cannabis while running hotter will produce stronger THC concentration vapor, but you will sacrifice flavor and taste.

Buying the Best Herbal Vaporizer

Now that you understand the basics of vaporizers and understand the options a bit more you are better suited to make a choice. I’ve personally move full time to using portable vaporizers. They are just way more convenient.  To help you pick the best option we’ve reviewed the top portable vaporizers for you. You can read all about their reviews and results.

Arizer Air – Arizer is one of the most well known manufacturers in the business as they have been around for a long time and have a reputation for creating high-quality devices. The Air is their latest portable vaporizer and one of the top rated units on the market. It features an all glass vapor path in addition to five temperature options.

Davinci IQ – One of the first ever dry herb vaporizer pens invented to properly vaporizer dry herbs instead of burning them. This unit is extremely discreet and highly portable.

PAX 3 – This is high-quality desktop vaporizer that falls in the middle price category for these types of units. If you’re looking for a well constructed vape that is not going to break the bank, this is surely one to consider.

Firefly 2 – This herbal vaporizer a very discreet portable option

Crafty/Mighty Vaporizer – This is the Bentley of portable vaporizers. If you want the best dry herb vaporizer that money can buy, buy this one and don’t look back.

Arizer Solo 2 A unique option with some unique features. This baby has a bigger herb chamber which I love.

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