Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light

When growing cannabis plants indoors it is vital to have a powerful LED grow light system to support your plants healthy growth. Your lighting is replacing natural sunlight which is not an easy thing to replace. Through technology, new LED grow lights finally have the power to raise healthy plants from start to finish. Much of that technology research is done by Zeus lighting which makes their lighting systems a great option. We will now look at the Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light.

Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light
Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light

Zeus Lighting Highlights

The Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light outputs 250 Watts of power while using only half the electricity of a traditional incandescent grow light system of the same power. The unit offers full spectrum light while providing a high PAR value so that you can vegetate and flower your plants with one unit. If you are looking to grow in a larger area the Zeus system allows for daisy chaining of up to four units to increase its growth footprint.

Unlike many LED grow lights who use 3-Watt LEDs, the Zeus system makes use of 5-Watt LED chips which provide deep light penetration that will get light deep into your canopy. The 6-band unit also provides IR and UV light which makes it perfect for indoor growing of cannabis.

Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light The Specs:

  • This is a high PAR and full spectrum light which includes red, orange, blue, UV, and white. This LED lighting helps your plants yield stronger, vibrant and healthier plant growth.
  • You can control human exposure to UV light by simply flipping a switch and also easily provide different light wavelengths of light at each stage of your plants grow cycles.
  • The modular connectivity design lets you interconnect 2 to 4 units to increase your grows footprint. This is perfect if you are growing a large volume of plants or plan to expand your growing operation considerably. Simple attach several units together with the included brackets and daisy chain connecting them together. The light coverage you get is about 3ft x 3ft per unit.
  • Compatible AC Voltage 100-240V. This means you won’t need an electrician in if you decide that you want to string multiple units together. You can run four of these lights off the same electrical circuit without creating a dangerous situation.
  • All of your plants with receive light exposure from the Zeus Led Grow light system thanks to the use of a powerful 90-degree lens system which increases the usable light area.
  • Your plants need a comfortable temperature to grow and thrive. LED grow lights operate at a much more suitable temperature than incandescent system. There is much less need for exhaust systems. There is an Automatic Shut Off option on the lighting to prevent overheating in the growing room.
  • The Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer will repair or replace a defective product for up to five years with free repair shipping.
  • CE Certification and ROHS Compliant.

A powerful Light source

Whatever stage your cannabis plants are in the Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light will provide the light energy your plants need to thrive. Small seedlings or full-grown plants it doesn’t matter the  Zeus LED lighting will increase the speed of growth in your plants. The lighting unit is very well engineered to prevent your plants from being harmed due to over light exposure.

The Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light is a top choice out of the other available grow lights in this power category. The most up to date technology are used to ensure your plants have the light energy and spectrums that they need for healthy growth. At the same time, the amazing patented cooling system is always in the background with its quiet fans preventing the unit from overheating and extending the life of its components.

The Final Word:

If you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned professional the Zeus Lighting 250W LED Grow Light has something for you. You will see amazing results with faster, greener and larger growth of your plants. Even better you won’t be stuck with massive electricity bills thanks to its LED efficiency.


  • 6 band spectrums for all growth stages
  • 5-year warranty parts labor and shipping costs
  • Patented cooling system
  • Daisy chain up to four units together


  • Not a true full spectrum
  • May require additional reflective surfaces on walls or around lights for full foliage coverage

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